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Henry the Octopus is a fun-loving octopus who lives under the sea and likes to make music with his Underwater Big Band. He also likes to dance and spin around. He is the main protagonist and star of his own segment in the first series, and a major supporting character in the rest of the TV seasons and all of The Wiggles videos (except The Wiggles Go Bananas!, where he did not appear). His role has been more minor in subsequent videos/episodes.

Henry likes to sing and to dance with his eight legs. He is said to have a bubbly personality and loves a good joke.

According to Anthony in Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing!, Henry was named after The Cockroaches drummer Tony Henry.

He was introduced in 1992, appearing on the song Henry the Octopus from Here Comes a Song.

The way Henry works is that the performer inside can see through the mouth and his eyes. Plus, on top of his hat, there's a vent so the performer can have some breathing space.


  • Henry was created by Jeff.
  • Paul Field played Henry in 1992, then Anthony played him. After that Jeff took over the role, before other actors began wearing the suit in concerts and videos. Jeff would remain his voice actor until Paul Paddick began to occasionally voice him in the mid-late 2000s, who mostly took over the role after that. Lachlan Gillespie even voiced Henry for a while in 2017, with Jeff returning to voice him on rare occasions in subsequent years.
    • Because of this, Henry doesn't talk as much as some of the other Wiggly Friends.
  • Henry is not seen in The Wiggles Go Bananas! and Nursery Rhymes 2.
  • Two of Henry's instruments of choice include a Tambourine and mostly the Red Starry Keyboard.
  • He always falls asleep to Henry Works With Eight Tentacles.

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