Here Comes The Big Red Car is the twenty-fifth Wiggles video special, released in 2006. It is a remake of the 1995 video special Big Red Car, making it the third video special to be a re-recording after Yummy Yummy.

Most songs are the original recordings from the 1995 album, plus one from 1997, re-filmed with new video clips. Songs featuring Captain Feathersword and the Friendly Pirate Crew were newly recorded, including two new songs (adapted from songs by The Cockroaches) which are part of Sailing Around the World-style skits.

Songs from this video were also used in The Wiggles Show! (series 5). The video was followed by another remake, It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!.


Let's all go for a ride in the Big Red Car! Join The Wiggles on the freeway of fun as Captain Feathersword shows us how to Nicky Nacky Nocky NooDorothy the Dinosaur invites us to her Dance Party and Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus get their waist benders and toe tappers wiggling! For the first time ever on DVD, this re-recording of Big Red Car includes the catchy songs I Want To Wear The Jacket and Sorry Again, as well as the all new animated I'm A Cow.

Song List

Note: All songs are from the album of the same name, except where noted otherwise.

  1. Big Red Car
  2. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
  3. Wags the Dog
  4. Five Little Joeys
  5. Di Dicki Do Dum
  6. I'm a Cow (Wiggly Animation)
  7. Do the Flap
  8. Hat On My Head
  9. Brown Girl In The Ring
  10. Georgia's Song
  11. I Want To Wear The Jacket
  12. Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea
  13. Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo
  14. Dorothy's Dance Party
  15. Sorry Again
  16. Henry's Dance


Greg and Wags introduce the second song and ask if you can do the movements.

Song #2: Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)

Song #9: Brown Girl In The Ring

Song #10: Georgia's Song

Greg introduces everyone to the Captain Feathersword segment.

Captain Feathersword is beachside with his friendly pirate crew. He has some good news; they will be receiving a visit from an officer from the Royal Navy and his name is Admiral GoodBloke. Captain says how the admiral has a nice house, hat, and jacket. Maybe the jacket is what makes him popular? They also love the jokes he tells. He ponders how great the jacket is. Now they need to find a way to bring Admiral GoodBloke over to Pirate Park. They can't use the SS Feathersword as it is being cleaned. Any ideas? Gallant George suggests swimming to the Admiral, put him on his back, and swim back. Benny Bandicoot doesn't think it is safe. Caterina suggests finding another boat. Lucia says Bill O'Reilly has one. Oh really? No O'Reilly. But Bill is in New Zealand. Who else can pick him up? Captain mentions food, and then Anthony and Jeff appear. Anthony suggests using the Big R-r-r-red boat. They have some Blow Me Down jokes, and the two Wiggles head off to pick up Admiral Goodbloke.

Captain has the Admiral inspect the crew. Aido does a back flip. Admiral says they are very happy. He starts to tell some jokes, and the crew laughs. "He really is a good bloke" He asks Dapper Dave a knock-knock joke. Captain asks the Admiral if he could wear his jacket.

Song #11: I Want To Wear The Jacket

Captain has the jacket on, and he tells a joke. Everyone laughs, but then the Admiral tells another funny joke. Everyone laughs. "He really is a Good Bloke" Captain thought the jacket is what made him funny? The Admiral tells Captain he is still the friendliest and funniest pirate captain whether he wears that jacket or not. Captain asks his crew if that's true, and they agree. "Well, blow me down!" Everyone blows Captain Feathersword down. Captain says, "I've gotta stop saying that!" Everyone laughs.

Jeff introduces Captain Feathersword as he has a pirate school.

Song #13: Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo

Song #14: Dorothy's Dance Party

Anthony introduces the Captain Feathersword segment where everyone says Sorry.

Captain Feathersword says ahoy there. Today is shoe inspection day. He will check that everyone's shoe is clean. Friendly pirates Benny Bandicoot, Alfonso, and Elefterios are on the dock. Captain orders them to please advance one clean shoe. They do a dance and then present a shoe.

Benny Bandicoot is first. Captain checks his shoe but his boot is covered in soot. Benny bends down to wipe his boot but he bumps heads with the Captain, knocking him backwards. Benny apologizes. Captain comes back with some wrapping around his head and thanks Benny for saying sorry. He has Benny do some more chores.

Alfonso is next. He presents his clean shoe. Captain tells him great job, and Alfonso is so happy he hooks his arms with Captain's and swings around in a pirate jig. But he goes too quickly that Captain falls over. Captain comes back with a sling around his arm. Alfonso apologizes. Captain thanks Alfonso for saying sorry, and then rewards Alfonso with a book with recipes to cook.

Elefterios is the third and final crewman. He presents his shoe and it is clean, but his shoelace is untied. Elefterios says he'll do it right, and as he goes down to tie his shoe, he leans on Captain, who falls over again. Oops! Sorry! Captain comes back with a sling on his other arm, but thanks Elefterios for saying sorry.

Song #15: Sorry Again

Song #16: Henry's Dance

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The Wiggles

The Wiggles' Friends

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Wiggly Dancers

Friendly Pirate Crew


Irish Dancers

Also Featuring

Album Songs

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  1. Pufferbillies
  2. Joannie Works With One Hammer
  3. I Am A Dancer
  4. The Four Presents
  5. Here We Go Dorothy
  6. My New Shoes
  7. Sanctissima

Special Features

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Bonus Episodes

  1. Episode 39
  2. Episode 42


Early promotion with Big Red Car working title.


  • Despite being written by John Field, Murray, Jeff, Anthony and Greg were credited for "Dorothy's Dance Party" in the UK inlay.
  • During "Wags the Dog", a camera tripod is seen during the main moving shot. Also in one shot of Murray, Wags and Jeff's feet disappears because of the green screen editing.
  • A cameraman and his camera tripod can be seen during the shot where Captain talks about Admiral Goodblooke.
  • Near the end of "I Want To Wear The Jacket", a camera wire is seen during the sky view shots.
  • In the intro to "Wags the Dog", Greg said that Jeff fell asleep again, but there was no point that Jeff fell asleep before that intro (apart from in previous videos, of course).
  • In the intro to "Dorothy's Dance Party", despite Murray and Jeff wearing their Elvis dance clothes, they do not wear them as the song starts, instead they are in their regular skivvies.
  • A tripod can be seen during Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?).
  • On the Australian DVD, the aspect ratio is listed as 4:3, when it is actually 16:9.
  • The copyright screen says "2005" rather than "2006", meaning the video was finished in late 2005 but pushed to be released in early 2006.