"Here Comes a Bear" is a Wiggles song about a bear, a kangaroo, a snake, and a wombat. It first appeared in Here Comes a Song.


Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Here comes a bear (stomping, stomping)
A very scary bear (stomping, stomping)
Paws up in the air (stomping, stomping)
Stomping everywhere

Verse 2
Kangaroo jumps (boing boing)
He jumps so high (boing boing)
He almost touches the sky (boing boing)
The kangaroo jumps so high

Verse 3
Here comes a snake (Sssss Sssss)
Slithering along (Sssss Sssss)
His body's very long (Sssss Sssss)
Slippery snake slithers along

Verse 4
Wombat crawls (crawling crawling)
Nose to the ground (crawling crawling)
He's making lots of sound (crawling crawling)
Crawling everywhere

Repeat Verse 1

Song Credits

Written by Anthony Field and Greg Page, initially published by EMI Music.

Beginning with the Wiggle Time! album in 2000, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt have received writing credits. Since the Let's Wiggle album in 1999, publishing rights have been controlled by Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd, although EMI was still sometimes credited afterward.


  • Murray initially sang the Kangaroo part live in concert, it has been changed to Anthony later on, like the original studio version.
    • As for the current lineup, Simon sings the bear part, Emma sings the kangaroo part, Lachy sings the snake part, and Anthony sings the wombat part.
  • The Taiwanese instrumental re-recording was later used in a lot of The Wiggles' concerts as the original backing track became unavailable.
  • When performed live in 2013 and 2014, the last verse is replaced with a camel, which is sung by Captain Feathersword riding on Zamel the Camel.
  • The Wiggles Meet the Orchestra version was uploaded on The Wiggles' YouTube channel on December 7th 2017.
  • In the Taiwanese version, the wombat verse is replaced with a snail.


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