"Hola Todos!" is the twelfth episode of Series 5.


Learn to say "Hello" in languages from around the world.


Greg and Jeff say, "Hello, here we go; it's the Wiggles Show!"

Jeff says, "Ni Hao". Greg says, "Hola" Anthony says, "Shalom". Murray says that however you say it, it all means hello.

Anthony invites everyone to see what Captain Feathersword is up to with the storm a brewing.

Sailing Around the World - Captain, Lucia, Benny, Caterina, Alfonso and Elefterios are on deck. The captain says there it looks like there's a storm a brewing. Fortunately they have their raincoats on. They head inside and join the other pirates. Captain says how the best thing to wait out a storm is to sing pirate songs and asks for requests.

Caterina suggests a song about the wind and they all sing Wind Blows to the theme that is usually used for the Greek dancing.

Captain wants the guys to pick a song, Cool Clarky suggests one about the rain and they sing Rain Falls on the Sails, It Doesn't Worry Whales.

Dapper Dave suggests it's the Captain's turn to sing. Captain is about to sing when the thunder crashes outside and the boat rocks, which inspires Captain to do his next song.

Greg does his Wiggle dance where he swings his legs back and forth, then Murray dances the diamond steps. Wags laughs.

Anthony does a rim shot. The other Wiggles each appear from a door and laugh.

Jeff plays the accordion.

Greg says come join in the fun with the Mandarin Wiggles.

After mentioned that none of the five little ducks returned, Arthur and Danny have a 11-second argument that Father/Mother Duck went off to find them.

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet Anthony introduces the letter k which is for Kangaroo. Benny Bandicoot demonstrates a Kangaroo dance. His hat falls off!

Murray introduces a lullaby.

Jeff talks about possums; they love to sleep all day but they come out at night time when it's cooler. They eat leaves and fruit, They've got a long tail and claws to help them climb!

Greg invites everyone to a Wiggly concert.

Murray appears and says, "We hope you all enjoyed the show. Now it's time for us to go!"

Alternate Titles

  • We Like To Say Hello (Playhouse Disney title)


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