“Hot Dog!”
The Wiggles TV Series 11, Episode 19

April 4, 2020 (AUS)
October 29, 2020 (Canada)

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Double Talk With Captain


Cream Pie Fun

Hot Dog! is the nineteenth episode of The Wiggles' World!.


The Wiggles have fun building with blocks. Anthony places the last piece and it tumbles down - oh no! Paul the dancing waiter serves up vegan hot dogs at Le James Cafe. Hot Vegan Diggity Dog! Wags the Dog plays a trick on Paul and he ends up with chocolate eclairs all over his face. Oh Wags! Emma rides on her ballet bicycle, it's ride, ride, bicycling riding at the wiggly arena.


  1. Building Blocks
  2. Paul the Dancing Waiter (Vegan Hot Dog)
  3. Entrez S'il Vous Plait (Vegan Hot Dog)
  4. Vegan Hot Dog
  5. James' Dessert Song (Chocolate Eclairs)
  6. Balla Balla Bambina (Live)
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