“How Are You Feeling Today?”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 3, Episode 10
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June 11, 2021 (AUS)

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Emma's Missing Glasses

"How Are You Feeling Today?" is the 10th episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


Lachy's been making a vase for the other Wiggles, but accidentally drops it causing it to break. Luckily, Captain Feathersword comes to the rescue!


Bok the Hand Puppet

Emma and Samuel join Bok to discuss what they do when they feel happy or sad and draw pictures of their respective emotions. Emma draw a big smiley face, Samuel draws a sad face and Bok draws his own big smiley face.

Wiggle Town

Today in Wiggle Town, Lachy makes a red, yellow and blue vase for Simon, Anthony and Emma, to thank them for taking him to the annual Wiggly Tulip Festival. As he lays the final pieces together, he unfortunately drops and breaks the vase, making him very disappointed. As he sadly heads back to Wigglehouse crying, not knowing what to do, Captain Feathersword who happens to notice this from his pirate ship decides to come over to see if there is anything he could do to help Lachy.

Seeing the broken vase, he asks Flora what he can do with it, in which Flora replies back to the Captain to fix it. Just then, Simon, Anthony and Emma arrives back to Wigglehouse. Realising what has been going on, Captain tells the Wiggles his plan to fix the vase to give to Lachy back as a gift, with a little bit of further advice from Flora by taking the vase and adding more items to it, provided by their other friends. After The Wiggles piece the vase back together again, the Captain takes the vase further all across Wiggle Town for additional accessories to organise. Dorothy gives him a rose, Wags gives him a small bone, Henry gives him some seaweed and Shirley Shawn gives him a seashell.

Back at Wigglehouse, The Wiggles ask Captain what he could provide to the vase and the Captain pulls out a purple ribbon to tie around the vase, giving it the finishing touch. With Lachy's vase now completed, Anthony calls out for Lachy and they all present the fixed vase to him, making Lachy feel so happy again that he cries tears of joy, which confuses the Captain for a while. As Lachy shakes about happily, Anthony quickly tries to save the vase from breaking again and tosses it to the Captain, only for the vase to miss and breaking once again. This makes the Captain start crying for all the effort gone down the drain, but as Simon suggests putting the vase back once again, the Captain feels relieved and lets out tears again. (Happy tears)

Song - They Say Scrumptious


  1. They Say Scrumptious (Audio taken from: Lullabies with Love)