"I Swing My Baton" is the seventh episode of Series 4.


Join The Wiggles and their friends in a San Francisco Trolley Car! Conduct the orchestra with Greg Wiggle. Murray keeps falling asleep, Jeff can't stop eating, Anthony's doing magic tricks and Greg's playing the guitar this is a case of topsy turvyitis!


Alternate titles

  • Topsy Turvy (Playhouse Disney title)


  • When Captain Feathersword and Dorothy talk to Dr. Lucy on the phone, the phone's voice is actually Dr. Lucy's line "Known as Topsy Turvy-itus" sped-up and in reverse.
  • This marks the second time The Non-realistic Wiggles wake up Murray. The first time was Shiver Me Timbers in the Little Wiggles segment.
  • Unlike other Series 4 episodes, this doesn't have a "Who's Missing?" part at the end & it's the only Series 4 episode without a "Who's Missing" segment.
  • The Topsy Turvy title which was used by Playhouse Disney was later used by Sprout for the 13th episode of the 11-minute version of this series.
  • The Sailing Around the World segment after the theme song runs 6 minutes and 56 seconds and it's the longest segment of all in this episode.