“Invisible Lachy”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 1, Episode 13

September 4, 2013 (US)
September 22, 2013 (AUS)

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"Invisible Lachy" is a episode of the Wiggles TV Series, Ready, Steady, Wiggle!.


The Awake Wiggles are hanging in the living room. They ask Lachy what he's going to do today, but Lachy isn't here. The phone suddenly rings.

The Wiggles talk to Lachy on the phone and hear Lachy has worked on an invisibility cloak. After Emma hangs up, the Awake Wiggles spot a rose levitating about a yard from the floor.

It turns out the rose wasn't levitating at all! Lachy was using his invisibility cloak and squatted down to make the illusion of the levitating rose. Lachy feels disappointed that his cloak didn't work but Simon tells him that the cloak worked for a little bit, but they're happy to have Lachy back.

Song List

  1. Brush Your Pet's Hair (from Furry Tales)
  2. Romp Bomp A Stomp (LIVE in studio)
  3. Miss Polly Had A Dolly (LIVE)
  4. Here Come Our Friends (from Furry Tales)


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