Jeff is the original purple Wiggle and a founding member of The Wiggles. He was the purple Wiggle for 21 years before being replaced by Lachlan Gillespie in 2013. His actor with the same name has since made cameos in some episodes of Series 7 and still occasionally performs in reunion concerts as the purple Wiggle. However, starting in 2020, he has resurfaced in the series in place of Lachy for the Wiggly World of Dance classes while Lachy focuses on the arrival of his newborn twins.

Character Information

Jeff tends to fall asleep a lot, which causes the others to call out "1, 2, 3, WAKE UP JEFF!", and that causes Jeff to jump up and down and do all sorts of silly things.

Jeff plays a variety of key instruments such as the piano, keyboard, accordion, and occasionally other instruments like drums or guitar. Out of the original generation, he sings the least, only having a few lead songs like Would You Giggle, I'm a Cow and I Just Can't Sleep on Christmas Eve!.


  • He is the oldest Wiggle out of all the Wiggles.
  • He is the shortest and skinniest male Wiggle.
  • He is the only Wiggle who isn't married, engaged or in any romantic relationship.
  • He eats cereal with bananas for breakfast.
  • His favourite food is broccoli.
  • He is the only Wiggle who never played the Red Starry Guitar.
  • His favourite keyboard is the Red Starry Keyboard.
  • He likes sleeping at odd times.
  • He is currently the only Wiggle not clad in the yellow skivvy to drive the Big Red Car.
  • As is shown in Surfer Jeff, he is a keen surfer.
  • Jeff Wiggle returned for a short time in a four part series in series 2 of Wiggly World of Dance.
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