Joseph Field (b. January 5, 1990 in Sydney, Australia) is the middle son of Paul Field and the nephew of Anthony Field and Luke Field and Clare Field's younger brother and Dominic Field's older brother. He always does camera filming as when he and his brother, Dominic work with The Wiggles.

About Joseph Field

Gender: Male

Aged: (3-17) (29 In 2019)

Favorite Color: Red

Birthday: January 5, 1990

Family: Lives with his brothers Dominic Field, Luke Field and his sister Clare Field, and he lives with his father Paul Field.

Hobbies: Dancing, Sports, Camera Filming, and Running.

Videos he appears in

Joseph Field's outfits

  • a black, red and green checkerboard sweater, and light blue jeans and black jeans.
  • a yellow, white and black stripes shirt, and blue jeans.
  • a white T-shirt, and blue shorts,
  • a danielion, red, and black sweater, and blue jeans.
  • a pirate costume.
  • a the wiggles t-shirt, with a viking helmet.
  • a navy blue sweater.
  • a red and white striped shirt, and black jean shorts.
  • a joseph costume.
  • a white long sleeve shirt, with a maroon tie.
  • a wiggly colored dancer.
  • a farmer brown costume.
  • a black t-shirt.
  • a dark blue suit, with black tie, a gray skirt, and black boots.
  • a cheerleader outfit.
  • a white t-shirt, with black shorts with white flowers.
  • a bananas in pajamas t-shirt.
  • a red t shirt with white flowers.
  • a black suit, and black pants.
  • a red and white stripe shirt, a and black hat.
  • a white t-shirt, and tan shorts.
  • a network wiggles costume.
  • a dark blue t-shirt, and black shorts.


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