Kate Halloran (b. September 22, 1983 in Sydney, Australia) was one of the people seen in Big Red Car, Toot Toot! and It's a Wiggly Wiggly World!. She is the daughter of Leanne Halloran. She is now married, works at The Halloran School of Dance, and has a daughter.

Kate studied Irish National Dancing, Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern and Contemporary.

She started dancing at age two and continued training until sitting her Irish teachers exam in 2007. After representing The Halloran Dance School, for many years in both national and international competitions, Kate went on to study a Bachelor Education Primary. She graduated in 2005 and has been teaching in schools full time ever since. She also teaches dances to students at the school as part of a Creative Arts Program.

Kate is a T.C.R.G. in Irish Dancing and has been teaching both Irish and Ballet at the Halloran Dance School since she was 15. Kate has performed in a variety of things over her dancing career, including many Wiggles videos, The Wiggles Movie, the Irish dancing stage show "Haste to the Wedding " and Christmas at the Opera House pantomimes.

She loves working at the studio and hopes to be involved with Halloran Dance School for many more years to come.


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