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Try Fun in the Sun, the 9th episode of the 22-minute version of this series.
“La Bamba (episode)”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 9

May 22nd, 2008

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Murray Had a Turtle


Oranges and Lemons

La Bamba is the 9th episode of the 11-minute version of TV Series 6.


  • Song #1: I Drive The Big Red Car - Sam sings about a favourite activity of each of the Wiggles and friends, while they drive in the Big Red Car.

Anthony, dressed as a king, introduces the next song.

  • Song #2: A Frog Went A Walking - Sam sings this song with Murray as the frog, Dorothy as Miss Mousey, Anthony as the pig, and Jeff as the chef.

What's In The Post Box?

Emily the Postie wonders if she has mail for someone at Wiggle House. She does! She puts the letter in the letterbox and blows her whistle as she leaves waving.

Anthony comes outside to check the letterbox as he heard the postie's whistle. He finds a pink letter covered in rose stickers. The name on the front is "A Wiggle". He realizes that A is for Anthony, so it must be for him! He then guesses that it's from Dorothy. Inside is an invitation for a tea party, so Anthony goes back inside to tell the other Wiggles the wonderful news.

Anthony and Fernando introduce the next song. Anthony plays a guitar riff, and Fernando recognizes the song as La Bamba.

  • Song #3: La Bamba (featuring Fernando and Fernandito Moguel) - Mario and Caterina dance, while the Moguels and the Wiggles are up on balconies. This is done entirely in Spanish. Later on Mario and Caterina tie a ribbon with just their feet.



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