For his character in The Wiggles, see Lachy Wiggle

Lachlan Gillespie

Birth Name

Lachlan "Lachy" Gillespie


October 23, 1985 (age 34)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


6' 1" (1.85 m)


Lachy Wiggle
Wags the Dog
Henry the Octopus
Captain Feathersword

Years active



Emma Watkins (divorced)


Lulu Gillespie, Lottie Gillespie

Lachlan "Lachy" Gillespie (born October 23, 1985) is the current Purple Wiggle, Before he was the Purple Wiggle, however, he played Captain Feathersword a few times in the Dorothy the Dinosaur series, and planned to replace Jeff Fatt as the Purple Wiggle in mid 2012. He has two younger brothers. Lachy also watched the Wiggles when he was a kid according to a Saturday Cafe radio interview. As of March 2015 he announced his two year relationship with Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins. In May 2015, Lachy announced that he and Emma got engaged after two years in a relationship. They were married April 9th, 2016. In August 2018, he and Emma announced their separation.


  • Koala-by is the first song Lachy ever wrote.
  • He’s been with The Wiggles for 10 years.
  • He's currently dating Australian Ballet dancer, Dana Stephensen.
  • Because of his shtick his character is diagnosed with narcolepsy. 
  • He and Dana are engaged.
  • On September 11, 2020, his twin daughters were born, names Lulu and Lottie.
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