Yellow circle on a purple background. This one's different, it's a red triangle.
This one's different, it's a black rectangle. This one is just plain blue.
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Try Wiggle Dance, the 3rd episode of the 22-minute version of this series.
“Let's Get the Rhythm”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 3

May 14th, 2008

Approx. Running Time


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The Shimmie Shake


Over in the Meadow

Let's Get the Rhythm is the 3rd 11-minute Wiggle and Learn episode.


  1. Dr Knickerbocker (from You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
  2. Day-O (aka The Banana Boat Song) (from You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)


Anthony and Captain are constables. Hallo, hallo, time for a song.

King Anthony introduces the next song.

Anthony introduces a segment.

Painting With Music

Jeff and Murray are out in the country. They are going to paint a picture using music, but first, they need your ideas. First come some mountains. Let's all say "Mountains!" Jeff plays a theme on the keyboard that sounds like someone climbing a mountain as some mountains appear in the background. What else is there? How about some fluffy white clouds? Let's all say "Clouds!" Jeff plays some cloud like music as they appear drawn into the background. Murray comments how they are quite fluffy and white. What else do we need for the picture? How about some birds in the sky? Let's all say "Birds!" Murray plays his guitar while birds appear. What else do we need? How about some flowers? Let's all say "Flowers!" Jeff plays a music box like tune as flowers appear. Murray thanks everyone for helping paint the picture.