“Let's Have a Dance!”
The Wiggles TV Series 5, Episode 2

February 20, 2007 (USA)
June 26, 2006 (AUS)

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Let's Have a Dance! is the 2nd episode of the 22-minute version of TV Series 5.

7 months prior in Australia, This episode aired on ABC1 split into Episode 3 and 4 as part of the 11-minute version.

They dance about Captain Feathersword, sing a cow song in Wiggly Animation, Irish dance to "Di Dicki Do Dum", dance along with Henry, watch some dancing butterflies in Wiggly Animation, and sing about Wags the Dog. They also sing the song, Can You (Point your Fingers and Do The Twist).


  1. I Can Do So Many Things
  2. Captain Feathersword, He Loves to Dance
  3. I'm a Cow (Wiggly Animation)
  4. Di Dicki Do Dum
  5. Henry's Dance
  6. Butterflies Flit (Wiggly Animation)
  7. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) (Live)
  8. Wags the Dog


Murray and Henry greet everyone and they have a challenge. Can you run, hop, and sing?

Song #1 - I Can Do So Many Things (from It's Time to Wake Up Jeff)

Jeff dances.

Anthony introduces the Sailing Around the World segment.

Sailing Around the World – Anthony is at the beach and he introduces Captain Feathersword. They talk about why the sword is made of feathers, and of course it's for tickling people. Captain starts repeating everything that Anthony says. After some more chatter, Anthony asks the Captain do show us a pirate dance. For that he'll need to summon his crew.

Crew Introductions – Dapper Dave, Lyn, Kristy, Captain Feathersword, Cool Clarky, Katherine, Captain Feathersword, Alfonso, Elefterios, Captain Feathersword, Gallant George, Benny Bandicoot, Captain Feathersword, Aido the Acrobat, Lucia and Caterina.

Song #2 - Captain Feathersword (new video, new audio recording)

Anthony says goodbye while Captain imitates him again.

Jeff introduces his favorite song in Wiggly Animation.

Song #3 - I'm a Cow - animated

Greg dances.

Anthony and Greg sing the Di Dicki Do Dum song.

Song #4 - Di Dicki Do Dum (from Here Comes The Big Red Car)

Greg and Jeff open doors and say hello.

Song #5 - Henry's Dance (from Here Comes The Big Red Car)

Murray plays his guitar.

Jeff and Greg introduce Wiggly Animation.

Song #6 - Butterflies Flit (new animated video, from the album Wiggly Safari)

Anthony plays some drums.

Jeff shows us a koala in his arms.

Anthony invites everyone to a Wiggly concert and has everyone practice pointing your fingers and doing the twist.

Song #7- Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) (Live)

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet – Anthony introduces the letter B. B is for bouzouki and to demonstrate he will do some Greek dancing while Elefterios plays the bouzuki.

Greg and Wags say hello. Greg talks about how Wags barks all day and night.

Song #8 - Wags the Dog (from Here Comes The Big Red Car)

Murray and Anthony wave goodbye.

Alternate titles

  • Pirate Dance (Playhouse Disney title)


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