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Try Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! (video).

"Lights, Camera, Action!" is a TV Series compilation video released exclusively in North America on May 24, 2005. It contains two episodes from TV Series 2 and two from TV Series 3 (11-minute versions), with bonus features relating to TV Series 4.


Welcome to Network Wiggles! Join the fab four of fun in four of your favorite episodes of wiggly TV!

Play your guitar with Murray, visit Anthony's Workshop, find out what's happening in Greg's News and help The Wiggles find Jeff!

Sing and dance along with The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword.

Discover the land Down Under with Australian music, games and animals. Beauty mate!

So, Lights, Camera, Action! Let's go, go, go!



Bonus Features


  • The subtitles on the DVD were done by Caption Technologies, Inc.
  • The only segment from Series 3 not on the video is "Network Wiggles News", despite being mentioned on the back cover, which also shows a promo picture of Captain from this segment. What's more, on Episode 16, the Anthony's Workshop segment seen on Episode 12 is replaced with a Music with Murray one.
  • The bonus features on this DVD were in wide-screen, whilst the video itself is full-screen.
  • The music and dialogue heard in the DVD menus come from Episodes 8 and 9 of TV Series 3, both of which appeared on the Wiggly, Wiggly World! DVD released the previous month.
  • The logo on the cover of the Warner Home Video re-release is re-used from a Taiwanese DVD.
  • The screener DVD edition didn't contain bonus features.


See here for information on the advertising of Lights, Camera, Action!



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Promo Pictures

  • Captain Feathersword and Greg
  • Captain Feathersword
  • "Rolling Down the Sandhills"
  • The Other Wiggles rolling down the sandihlls
  • "Running Up the Sandhills"
  • The Other Wiggles running up the sandhills
  • Wags and the Wagettes in promo picture
  • Wags and the Wagettes lying down in promo picture
  • Dorothy's rose garden
  • The whole gang outside Wigglehouse
  • The Wiggles waving

VHS and DVD Packaging

DVD Menus

Note: Menus are the same in both the HiT Entertainment and Warner Home Video versions, except the Trailers menu which is absent from the latter. The Trailers menu takes you to further individual menus, shown below in the "DVD Previews" section.

DVD Previews

HiT Entertainment version

Note: The warning and logo screens play before the main menu. The trailers are selected from the menus.

Warner Home Video version

VHS Previews

Note: The warning and logo screens play before the first episode. The trailers all play after the last episode.

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