Lilly is the sixth episode from Series 1.


Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff are busy cleaning Wigglehouse as the world's most beautiful movie star, Lilly Lavender, is set to choose one of the four Wiggles to turn into an international celebrity! Who will it be?! Join Henry the Octopus and his underwater friends for a hat parade, or maybe you'd like to have a picnic with Captain Feathersword in Pirate Park!


  1. Havenu Shalom Alechem from Yummy Yummy (1998 video)
  2. Joannie Works With One Hammer from Yummy Yummy (1998 video)
  3. Whenever I Hear This Music from Wiggle Time! (1998 video)


Series Intro

Kaz the Cat

The Ball

Kindergarten Text Types

Finger Painting


Lilly Lavender is a famous movie star in Wiggles World who is the world's beautiful movie star. Lilly Lavender is coming over to Wigglehouse to see the Wiggles. Murray has a crush on Lilly and was cleaning a frame of her. Anthony is trying to play a trick on Lilly by placing a rubber duck under the blue bean bag. Greg lifts it up and sees the rubber duck, then asks, "What's this Anthony?" Anthony pretends to be clueless by asking "How did that get there?" He tells Greg that he was going to fix it up and he put it under the yellow bean bag. The doorbell rang and door asks who goes there? Lilly's assistant told him that this is Lilly Lavender, "Queen of the silver screen, superstar of celluloid, the diva of drama, The...", but Door interrupts saying "yes, yes, yes, yes and I'm Captain Feathersword". Lilly tells Door that she has an invitation to visit the Wiggles and Door lets them in without taking the test. The Wiggles were acting strange since she came in and when she sat down on the yellow bean bag, she fell by tripping over and her assistant tripped too. Greg helped Lilly up and her assistant found the rubber duck, so Anthony's trick backfired. Lilly decides to remain standing, and Greg asks if she wants a glass of water and tells Murray to get her one, but he is star-struck. Lilly declines and tells them that she saw a Wiggles concert last week and her niece Jasmine (she forgotten her name) loves their songs especially "Wake Up Anthony", but it's supposed to be Jeff. The Wiggles are confused so Lilly's assistant corrects her by whispering Wake Up Jeff. Then Lilly asks them to show off their talents and whoever does the best gets to be a star in her next movie "Lilly Lavender Gets Married".

Wiggly Trivia

  • Who will marry Lily in her next movie?
  • How will she choose?
  • What will they do to impress her?

The Wiggles demonstrate their hobbies/talents. Anthony starts off by getting an apple from his catapult tree scaring Lilly a bit, followed by Jeff saying, "that's easy!" and immediately starts sleeping. Greg demonstrates by attempting to use his magic and turn a flower into a beautiful dove (which turns into an iguana) and finally, Murray demonstrates by playing a lick on his Red Starry Guitar. She has made her decision and when she's about to announce the leading man, Captain Feathersword comes in riding his unicycle and does a somersault after falling off. Lilly chooses him because he is funny, and he was so talented. In the end, Captain Feathersword is the leading man, much to The Wiggles' dismay.

Henry the Octopus Puppet Show

Hat Parade 

Henry and his friends do a hat parade with different and colourful hats.

Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show

Picnic at Pirate Park

Captain Feathersword goes on a picnic at Pirate Park and Wags keeps tricking him that it's a miserable day for a picnic.

Wiggly Chase Scene

The Pink Towel Chase


Alternate titles

  • Shalom!/The Hat Parade (Sprout title)
  • Lilly Lavender (Classic Wiggles title)


  • This is the first appearance of the Red Starry Guitar with different guitar strings.
  • This is the first episode where Dorothy the Dinosaur is absent (not counting the end credits).
  • It is unknown what happened with Captain Feathersword and Lilly as the latter is never brought up again.
  • When the Catfish brothers sang "Yeah Yeah Yeah! I Wanna Dance with a Clam" it referred to The Beatles song called "She Loves You".
  • On November 29th 2020, this episode was uploaded to The Wiggles (YouTube channel).
  • This episode was titled as Lilly Lavender for its YouTube upload.
  • In the Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show segment, Wags was mimicking the Captain's movements, this is similar to A Charlie Brown Christmas when Snoopy mimicked Lucy's movements, only Wags was standing behind the Captain, and Snoopy was standing next to Lucy, and the Captain didn't notice Wags mimicking the movements.