Luke Field (b. February 12, 1986 in Sydney, Australia) is the oldest son of Paul Field and the nephew of Anthony Field. He is the older brother of Bernadette Marie Field, Clare Field, Joseph Field and Dominic Field. He is currently working as a logging/sound playback for The Wiggles, married to Kate Field and has a son.

About Luke Field

Gender: Male

Aged: (7-26) (33 In 2019)

Favorite Color: Orange

Birthday: February 12, 1986

Family: Lives with his wife Kate and son.

Hobbies: Football and Playing the Maton Guitar.

Luke Field's oufits

  • a dogcatcher costume.
  • a purple long sleeve shirt.
  • a gray long sleeve shirt.
  • a blue and gray striped shirt, with blue-gray jean shorts.
  • a orange-brown t shirt, with purple-black shorts.
  • a cowboy costume.
  • a gray sweater, with blue jeans.
  • a navy blue sweater, and white shorts.
  • a black-gray t-shirt, and tan shorts.
  • a football costume.
  • a joe costume.
  • a black sweater, glasses, and a black wig.
  • a able seaman sonny costume.


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