“Making Pies”
The Wiggles TV Series 4, Episode 2

September 19, 2005 (USA)

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Making Pies is the 2nd episode of the 22-minute version of TV Series 4.

A year prior in Australia, This episode aired on ABC1 split into Episode 3 and 4 as part of the 11-minute version.


The Wiggles introduce themselves and wish you a wiggling good time!

Anthony is dressed as a cook and wonders what the Little Wiggles are up to.

Little Wiggles

Little Anthony loves pies and, with Murray's help, he has an invention which has pies pop out every time someone says "Wow!". Then it's song time with the Little Wiggles.

Murray introduces Dorothy the Dinosaur's Dance Class.

Dorothy's Dance Class

Ben and Lucy demonstrate "The Elbow Dance".

Greg says parks are wonderful places to do lots of things. There's one park where you can even say "G'day!" to the squirrels! Let's go to Central Park New York.

The Wiggles introduce "The Wiggle Groove".

Greg introduces the next song and demonstrates the actions.

The Wiggles introduce the next song.

Murray is holding a bunch of flowers and introduces the next song.

It's time to say goodbye, but who's missing? Anthony!


Alternate titles

  • Big Red Car (Playhouse Disney title)


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