The Wiggles TV Series 2, Episode 16

May 29, 2006 (UK)
November 7, 2007 (AUS/NZ)

Approx. Running Time

11:35 (Sprout)

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Movement is the 16th episode of TV Series 2.


Dorothy loses a tooth and gets a visit from the tooth fairy with The Wiggles helping her.


  1. Dorothy the Dinosaur from Wiggle Time! (1998 video)
  2. Big Red Car
  3. Shaky Shaky from Yummy Yummy (1998 video)
  4. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) (Live) from The Wiggly Big Show and Toot Toot Show!


The Wiggles finish excersizing

Intro with the flying bee.

Song 1: "Dorothy the Dinosaur" with intro (from Wiggle Time!)

The Wiggles jog around and plan to visit Dorothy

Song 2: "Big Red Car" (new video, from the album Big Red Car)

Dorothy's tooth is wobbling. The Wiggles suggest she go to the dentist, Dr. Verygood.

Song 3: "Shaky Shaky" - no intro (from Yummy Yummy)

Dr. Verygood pulls Dorothy's tooth out

At the dentist, Dorothy's last baby tooth falls out. Dr. Verygood tells Dorothy what a great job she did brushing her teeth, and the Wiggles go "me too" *grin*

Captain Feathersword and his crew prepare a special pirate marching song for his nephew Captain No-Beard, the tap dancing pirate.

The Wiggles play an imagination game where someone plays music and the others dance along. They play Western music and pretend they are horses. Jeff plays scary music and gets freaked out. He comes back with a video.

Song 4: "Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)" (from The Wiggly Big Show)

The pirates do their pirate dance in front of The Wiggles and friends. Captain No-Beard tap dances as well and gives Captain Feathersword a peacock feathersword as a gift.

Dorothy puts her tooth under her pillow

Dorothy puts her tooth away.

Greg looks at the stars and imagines some formations.

The Wiggles help the Tooth Fairy by transforming into tiny Wiggles. They change out the tooth with a coin while Dorothy is asleep.


Alternate titles

  • Dorothy's Wobbly Tooth/Star Gazing (Sprout title)
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