“My Fair Lady!”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 10

December 14, 2008 (USA)

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Fun in the Sun


So Early in the Morning

"My Fair Lady!" is the 10th episode of the 22-minute version of Wiggle and Learn


  1. One Finger, One Thumb (Taken from: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing)
  2. London Bridge (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  3. There Was A Princess (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  4. One, Two, Three, Four Rhymes (Taken from: Getting Strong!)
  5. The Farmer In The Dell (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  6. Frère Jacques (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)

Official Description

Children can learn counting skills and also help develop their coordination in an entertaining way as The Wiggles sing One Finger, One Thumb. London Bridge is falling down, come to London and find out how The Wiggles try to fix it. Anthony, Sam, Captain Feathersword and their Wiggly friends demonstrate to children different instruments and the sounds that they make and then the Captain decides to play another fun game. Sam narrates a story about a princess and he is helped out by the Wiggly Dancers as they perform the story. The Wiggles play a game with rhyming words and numbers to help children with letter sounds and counting. Wags and Dorothy help children to recognise different wild animals by playing a fun game that can be played at home. It's time for singing and dancing, it's time to Wiggle and Learn!

Alternate Titles