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Oh, Wiggles Videos

"Oh, Wiggles Videos" is the unofficial nickname to a video promo from 1999 that show 7 of The Wiggles' videos. This video promo was shown on at least six videos.

The videos in this series include, The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video, The Wiggly Big Show, Wiggly Wiggly Christmas (re-release, Toot Toot (1999 re-release), Captain Feathersword,the Friendly Pirate and Wiggly TV.


The Wiggles logo appears before we down to that the cases of serval Wiggles videos appear. Captain Feathersword starts knocking over the videos. Then Dorothy walks in with Wags running behind and around the Captain Feathersword, Dorothy and the videos.

After that, Wags appears again dancing on a black background before another background with the Wiggles’ shirt colours and a TV set, which zooms in front of the screen showing the then-release tapes (Yummy Yummy (1998 video), Wiggle Time! (1998 video), Wiggledance! Live in Concert and Toot Toot). Oddly enough, they are squished to fill in the screen.

On The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video and the 1999 rerelease of Toot! Toot!, a preview/trailer for The Wiggly Big Show was shown on the TV screen after the promo.