For his character in The Wiggles, see Captain Feathersword

Paul Andrew Paddick (b. February 16, 1967) is an Australian actor and musician. He currently plays Captain Feathersword having done the role since 1995.

Paul met Anthony in 1993. Anthony needed a hernia operation, so he asked Paul to temporarily take over for him; for that tour, he played the Blue Wiggle, the Captain, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog (who were usually played by Murray). Murray, Greg and Jeff say that after that and Anthony came back, they told him that 'they have to keep him', and the rest is history.

Paddy not only plays Captain Feathersword, but has played many other characters throughout the years including newsreporters, television hosts, a scuba diver, a lifesaver, a rose robber, the dog catcher, Singalottasonga, Foodman and various other characters in Space Dancing!.

Paddy is married to Charmaine Martin who played Pirate Charlie, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus in the early days. They have two children, Connor, born in 2005, and Felix, born in 2013.

The first official Wiggles video to feature Paul as the Captain was Wake Up Jeff! (1996). Wake Up Jeff! is also the first Wiggles video where Paul played someone else besides the Captain.

Paul Paddick has become so closely associated with the band that he has been referred to as "the Fifth Wiggle", a name also given to Phillip Wilcher (who was the original Wiggle when they were patterned shirts).

He is also the first person to voice all Wiggles characters (Dorothy, Wags, Henry and Captain Feathersword.) and the second character to play all the Wiggles characters.

Since 1995, Paul has provided royalties for The Wiggles' songs, due to changes of the song credits.

He currently lives in Brisbane.

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  • Paul Paddick wrote many songs with The Wiggles such as Wiggly Wiggly Christmas.
  • According to The Wiggles Take on the World documentary, Anthony Field said that Paul Paddick has provided the royalties for the songs since 1995 when the Big Red Car album was released.
  • Paul was a member of The Manzillas.
  • Paul Paddick and Anthony Field are the only two members of The Wiggles team to appear in every TV series.
    • Paddick is also the second longest-serving member of the team in the band's history, behind only Field.
  • Paul Paddick is the only person to play Captain Feathersword that is not a member of the Field family.
  • When Paul began performing the Captain in 1996, he originally was trying to perform him with the voice Anthony Field used for him, but it got a little bit more higher in late 2000.
  • Paul wrote a song called Tambores Africanos (aka African Drums).
  • Paul (under the nickname "Paddy") filled in for Anthony during the Wiggle Around Australia Tour at the Canberra Theatre show, while Anthony was recovering from a shoulder operation.
  • Due to border closures in Queensland, where he resides, as well as a member of his family falling ill, Paddick was unable to appear for the Fruit Salad TV Christmas Special or Wiggly Fruit Salad.