Playing a Trick on the Captain is the sixth episode of Series 5.


Captain Feathersword thinks that everyone has forgotten his birthday, despite the fact that he has put posters all around the SS Feathersword telling everyone that it is his birthday. The crew are actually Playing A Trick On The Captain and pretend that they have forgotten his birthday.


Wiggles intro

Anthony then introduces the next segment where the crew is planning a surprise birthday party for the captain.

Captain Feathersword – Sailing Around the World - Captain Feathersword remarks how today is his birthday but his pirate crew have all forgotten about it. He even put up signs around the ship, but thinks no one has seem them. Some of the pirates come by and report on their tasks. The captain asks them what day it is, and they answer Tuesday, or everything except his birthday. Of course they all know it's his birthday but are keeping it a surprise. Alfonso and Elefterios play a song while the Captain looks out at the window. Captain remarks again that no one remembered his birthday and he heads up to the deck. Alfonso and Elefterios give thumbs up to the camera, obviously in on the joke. The crew gathers and they decorate the cabin.

They decorate the ship and Lucia asks if everything's ready. Benny asks how to get Captain Feathersword to come without it being a surprise. Aido does a back flip and tells everyone his idea. Elefterios goes above deck and asks for the Captain's help. The Captain comes back and notices the cabin is dark. The lights go on with a ding, and they all say, "Surprise! And happy birthday!".

Jeff plays a sports fanfare motif on his keyboard.

Sometime in the episode, Jeff shows us a dingo, the Australian dog.

Time for Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet - Today is the letter f and it stands for Feathersword. Captain Feathersword does a Feathersword dance where here he holds the sword and bounces it around on its tip, then tickles himself with it and then bounces it again.

Anthony announces that it's time for the Wiggly Concert.

Jeff and Greg introduce Wiggly animation.

Murray waves goodbye.

Alternate titles

  • Have a Happy Birthday Captain (Playhouse Disney title)