Power Through the Day is a song performed by The Wiggles in 2013. It is adapted from the song Wiggle into Health. It hasn't been released on any album outside of its single. The cover of the single is just The Wiggles logo on a white background.

Song Lyrics

(Start your day with healthy food!)

Start each day with some healthy food
Then you're ready
To power through the day, oh

What a difference a good meal makes
Then you're ready
To power through the day, oh

(What you eat... will then stimulate)

Your brain and then you'll try

Building healthy bones and muscles too
Who will help you
To power through the day, oh

(Hey, there's no need to miss a feed!)

'Cause we're sharing
Let's power
And wiggle through the day

Song Credits

Anthony Field, John Field, Paul Field (Wiggly Tunes Pty Ltd)



Power Through The Day! Music Video & Introduction

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