Professor Singalottasonga is an opera-singing teacher. His first appearance was in the TV Series 2 episode Communication, played by Paul Paddick. He was then played by Sam Moran in The Wiggles Show! for both the Latin American and Australian Wiggles and by Simon Pryce during The Celebration Tour!. Similar to how Alfonso Tiramisu and Alfonso Rinaldi sing in their operatic tenor voices, Professor Singalottasonga sings like an opera-singing teacher.


Professor Singalottasonga is an opera singer and is also a teacher. He likes singing opera and usually says "I'm hereeeeee!" when he introduces himself. His favourite song is Sydney Barcarolle and is one of the Wiggly Friends. Like Alfonso Tiramisu and Alfonso Rinaldi, he sings in his (and his actors') operatic tenor voice.


Professor Singalottasonga debuted in Communication. He has a slightly-fair skintone, is tall and skinny and has black hair. Originally he had a black moustache and wore black glasses. He originally wore a black shirt underneath his jacket and did not wear a bowtie or cape.

He made a debut in the season 4 premiere of The Wiggles Show! and had some slight improvements and revamps as well. He currently has a beard, wears a white jacket with small black music notes on it underneath a white shirt and wears white pants with the same music notes and black shoes. He wears a white bowtie as well and accessories with a tall cape with purple and yellow-coloured strings (which help him tie his cape). The cape has a collar behind it that has black in the back and red in the front. His cape is shown to have black behind it and red in the front of it. Behind the cape are four coloured music notes, each of them with white outlines. One of the music notes is purple, one of them is yellow and two of them are navy blue.


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