Racing to the Rainbow

Release Date

September 7, 2006 (AUS)
March 6, 2007 (US)
October 29, 2007 (UK)



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"Racing to the Rainbow" is the twenty-fifth Wiggles video. It was the last video featuring Greg until Surfer Jeff.

Song and Scene List

  1. The Hiccuping Chicken

1. Here Come The Chicken

2. Bump-A-Deedle

  1. Hide and Seek

3. Music Box Dancer

4. Shakin' Like a Leafy Tree

  1. It's A Storm!

5. Run, Run, Run Away (A Storm Is On It's Way)

6. Teddy Bears Big Day Out

7. Rainbow of Colours

  1. Racing To The Rainbow

8. Blow Up Your Balloon (Huff and Huff and Puff)

9. The Chew Chew Song

10. The Princess of the Sea

11.Benny Put The Kettle On

  1. King Of The Road

12. Baa-Baa Black Sheep

13. Stamp Your Feet (To the Heavy Beat)

  1. Barking Up The Wrong Tree

14. He's a Bird! What a Bird!

  1. Greg's Magnifique Masterpiece

15. Do the Daddy Long Legs

16. The Tra-La-La Song

  1. Wiggly Fingers

17. Huddle, Huddle, Huddle Along (The Football Song)

18. The Wheels on the Bus 

  1. Wake Up Wiggles

19. Go To Sleep Jeff (Brahms' Lullaby)

20. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

  1. Let's Save The Captain!

21. Rockin' on the Water

22. Five Little Ducks

  1. Queen Of The Rainbow

23. Everybody Dance!

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Release Dates

Australia: September 7, 2006 America: March 6, 2007 United Kingdom: October 29, 2007

TV Airdates

  • October 18, 2006, at 8:30am (Australia, ABC1)[1]
  • October 19, 2006, at 8:30am (Australia, ABC1)[2]
  • December 19, 2006, at 10:10am (Australia, ABC1)[3]
  • December 20, 2006, at 10:10am (Australia, ABC1)[4]
  • March 19, 2007 (US, Playhouse Disney)
  • April 7, 2008 at 10:05am (Australia, ABC1)[5]
  • April 14, 2008 at 10:00am (Australia, ABC1)[6]


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  • This was the last video until Surfer Jeff to have the catchphrase "Oh No! Oh What!" likewise, it is the first time The Wiggles did the catchphrase in different variations, in this video, finger blubbering was the first variation of the catchphrase.
  • In this video, all The Wiggles' body movements had cartoon sound effects (mostly by Hanna-Barbera).



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