“Rainbow Of Colours (episode)”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 3, Episode 12

June 13, 2021 (AUS)

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"Rainbow of Colours" is the 12th episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


It's been raining and Emma was hoping to see a rainbow but can't find one, so she decides to draw one instead.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Bok has gathered with Emma and Samuel to share his fear of the dark and how that could not get him to sleep well the night before. Samuel understands this and shares how he copes with this fear by looking at the stars and moons outside to feel comfortable, or by even singing to them.

After the song, Bok feels much better and is now less afraid of the dark.

Wiggle Town (Plot 1)

Anthony performs a trick outside of Wigglehouse, where he tries to get his hat to land on top of his head. Unfortunately, the hat does not seem to be able to land on his head properly, humouring Wags who sits by to watch the act. After a couple of failed attempts, he finally gets the hand to land. With that, he calls up Wags and Officer Beaples to do a dance and complete off the act by tossing two more hats on Anthony's head.

Wiggle Town (Plot 2)

Emma has been waiting outside of Wigglehouse for a while to see if any rainbows will appear in the sky. The other Wiggles notice this and Anthony asks Emma on what she is up to. Knowing how it had just rained, Anthony hopes that a rainbow will appear, but Simon does point out how rainbows do not usually come right after a rain sometimes, as the sun has to pass through the raindrops at a particular angle for the colours to appear. This leaves Emma feel less hopeful to see a rainbow, but Lachy suggests that Emma can draw her own rainbow. Unfortunately, Emma only has one yellow pencil and is unable to draw a complete rainbow due to the variety of colours it has. Thankfully, the other Wiggles offer a red, blue and purple coloured pencil for Emma to draw. After drawing the rainbow and signing her name onto it, Emma notes how there are more colours in a rainbow, but since The Wiggles do not have any more coloured pencils left, it leaves them wondering how they can finish up the picture. Just then, Anthony remembers how Captain Feathersword wanted to draw a rainbow many years ago, but only had a brown coloured pencil and hence not enough coloured pencils to complete the picture and later reached out to Dorothy, Wags, Henry and Shirley Shawn to help out. Learning from that, Anthony decides to ask his friends for help and complete Emma's drawing.

They start off at Dorothy's Garden, where Dorothy has a green coloured pencil to borrow, then over to Wags's kennel, where Wags borrows an indigo coloured pencil, and finally to meet up with Henry and Shirley Shawn where they borrow an orange colour pencil, before heading to Captain Feathersword's ship dock.

On the dock, The Wiggles showcase Emma's drawing to the Captain, which immediately makes the Captain remember the time when he tried drawing a rainbow. He later takes a closer look at Emma's drawing and is fascinated by the usage of colours in the drawing. After which, he heads back to find his rainbow drawing, and shows it to The Wiggles to see. With that, Emma suggests hanging both rainbow drawings on the Captain's ship together for everyone to see anytime.


  1. I Can See The Stars
  2. Magic Club Music (Instrumental, audio taken from: The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack)
  3. When I'm Painting (Short Instrumental)
  4. Rainbow of Colours (Audio taken from: Lachy!, with added vocals by Simon and Emma)


  • This episode debuted on ABC iView the day The Transportation Parade aired on ABC Kids.
  • This is the only episode in Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3 not to feature a song segment.
    • On that note, this is also the only episode where the Wiggle Town segment has two different subplots, possibly to make up for the lack of the song segment in this episode.