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Ready, Steady, Wiggle!


Series 1 and 2 - 52
Series 3 - 13
Total - 117


2012-2014, 2020

Created By

The Wiggles

Directed By

Paul Field

Original Network

ABC Kids (AUS)
Sprout (US)
Treehouse TV (CA)

Opening Theme

Ready, Steady, Wiggle!

Original airdate

Series 1:
19 August 2013 (US)
11 September 2013 (AUS)
Series 2:
14 July 2014 (New Zealand)
12 January 2015 (AUS)
14 August 2017 (US)

Final airdate

Series 1:
29 October 2013 (US)
1 November 2013 (AUS)
Series 2:
23 September 2014 (New Zealand)
4 March 2015 (AUS)
18 September 2017 (US)

Preceded by

Wiggle and Learn
(The Wiggles TV Series 6)

Followed by

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle!

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! is the current generation of Wiggles' first TV show. 2 series, each consisting of 52 episodes, originally aired on ABC Kids in Australia, Four Kids in New Zealand, Sprout (later Universal Kids) in America, Treehouse TV in Canada, and e-junior in the United Arab Emirates. Although many fans refer to these series as TV Series 7 and 8 of The Wiggles, they have never officially been called that, as The Wiggles themselves instead consider it to be its own Series 1 and 2. A third series is currently in production.

The first series features music videos from the current generation's first three videos Taking Off!, Furry Tales and Pumpkin Face, as well as new studio clips (also used for Wiggle Time TV's Wiggly Songtime! webseries) and live songs from an early performance of the Taking Off! Tour. Throughout the series, the original members would make cameo appearances as other characters.

Series 2 also features songs from the same three videos as before, as well as Go Santa Go!, Apples & Bananas, Wiggle House, and their 2014 Australia Day Concert performance. Playing other characters this series were Lee Hawkins and Robert Rakete, who had previously guest starred in Wiggle House.


Series 1 (2013)

  1. Miss Polly Had a Dolly
  2. Wake Up, Lachy!
  3. Lachy Shrunk the Wiggles
  4. The Wiggly Singing Symphony
  5. Taba Naba
  6. Wash Your Hands
  7. Spring Has Come
  8. Simon Goes Quackers!
  9. Ooey, Ooey Allergies!
  10. A Lot of Camelot!
  11. Tasty Science
  12. Toot Toot!
  13. Invisible Lachy
  14. Yummy, Yummy!
  15. Let's Go Driving in the Big Red Car!
  16. Excuse Meow!
  17. Let's All Shake!
  18. Beautiful Ballet
  19. Who Am I?
  20. A Hair Disaster!
  21. Pirate Poetry
  22. The Mango Walk
  23. Emma's Missing Bow
  24. We Like Fruit
  25. Is That Lachy?
  26. Hula Hoop Symphony
  27. Clean Your Teeth!
  28. Percussion Party
  29. Marty Party
  30. Is That Captain Feathersword?
  31. Is That Wags?
  32. Harry Hula
  33. Musical Memory
  34. Doctor Entertainment
  35. Singing With Lachy
  36. Quack, Quack!
  37. Slow Motion Anthony
  38. Lounge Room Symphony
  39. Wiggly Yoga
  40. A Musical Cake
  41. The Glass Is Half Full!
  42. Simon Says
  43. Sign the ABC!
  44. Joannie Works with One Hammer
  45. Doctor Anglais
  46. Is That Simon?
  47. Professor Simon's Musical Challenge
  48. Captain's Experiment
  49. Doctor Treble Clef
  50. Captain and the Tomatoes
  51. What's That Sound?
  52. A Juicy Story

Series 2 (2014-2015)

  1. Captain's Lost Hornpipe
  2. Emma's Ballet
  3. Apples & Bananas
  4. Emma's Bike!
  5. Dressing Up in Style
  6. Lachy's Rhyme Time
  7. Simon's Brush with Fame
  8. How Low Can You Go?
  9. Anthony Forgets
  10. Do the Hawk!
  11. Simon Can't Stop Yodelling
  12. Cowboy Anthony
  13. Simon's Sad Fruit Salad
  14. Talking Cow
  15. Sing Beaky Sing!
  16. Little Sir Echo
  17. Ahoy There, Lachy!
  18. Emma's Reading Challenge
  19. This Little Piggy
  20. Beep! Beep! Buckle Up!
  21. Anthony's Singing
  22. King Simon
  23. Wiggle Talk
  24. Wiggle Picnic
  25. Beaky Overeats
  26. Zamel the Camel
  27. Wags Has Lost His Wiggle
  28. Miss Lucy Had a Ducky
  29. A Mariachi Moment
  30. Riding in the Big Red Car
  31. The Laughing Doctor
  32. Irish Dancing!
  33. Emma, the Firefighter
  34. Lachy's Orange Hair!
  35. Romp Bomp A Stomp
  36. Whats Your Favourite Nursery Rhyme?
  37. Detective Lachy
  38. Emma's Bad Hair Day
  39. Lachy Can't Sing
  40. Say the Dance, Do the Dance
  41. Emma's Missing Bow
  42. Captain's Magic Buttons
  43. Simon the Opera Singer
  44. Dorothy's Baking
  45. Lachy's Bunny Caller
  46. Food, Trains and Animals!
  47. Princess Emma of Wiggle House
  48. Anthony Has Overeaten!
  49. Hip Hop With Emma
  50. Lachy's Bird Poem
  51. I'll Tell Me Ma!
  52. Lachy's Pappadum Party

Series 3


Version Differences

The original versions of these episodes are 11-minutes in length, totalling 52 episodes per series. However, other versions exist where the 11-minute episodes are combined into a length just short of 21-minute episodes, totalling 26 episodes per series. In these versions, Episodes 1 and 2 become Episode 1 ("Miss Polly Had a Dolly & Wake Up, Lachy!"), Episodes 3 and 4 become Episode 2 ("Lachy Shrunk the Wiggles & The Wiggly Singing Symphony"), etc. When combined, the credits of the first episode, as well as the intro and theme song of the second, are cut. At the wrap-up of the first episode, Dorothy asks "What have we done so far?" rather than "What did we do today?", and says "So keep watching more..." or "We'll have more fun coming up on Ready, Steady, Wiggle!, and I'll see you all again soon" instead of "I'll see you next time on Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Bye!", before cutting to a commercial break (or transitioning next to the episode). No other edits are made to the episodes. These versions of both series currently air on Treehouse TV in Canada, and Series 2 currently airs on Universal Kids in the United States.

There are 7-minute edits of the episodes Wake Up, Lachy! (re-titled as "Twinkle, Twinkle!") and Lachy Shrunk the Wiggles (re-titled as "Lachy Shrinks The Wiggles!") used on the Furry Tales and Pumpkin Face DVDs respectively. It is unknown if any more exist.

Home Video Releases

"Fab Four Faves" DVD collection

Australian "One, Two, Three, Four" iTunes compilation

Volume 1 of North American iTunes releases

6 of the first 7 episodes were released as bonus features on the DVDs for Furry Tales (ep. 3), Pumpkin Face (ep. 2), Go Santa Go! (ep. 1), Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles (ep. 5), Apples & Bananas (ep. 6) and Wiggle House (ep. 7). As mentioned above, the first two of these DVDs contain edited down versions of these episodes with a running time of 7 minutes, while the rest are all presented in their original 11-minute versions. The episodes The Wiggly Singing Symphony and Emma's Bike! appeared on the ABC Kids compilations Playtime! and Aussie Favourites.

From 2014 to 2016, 5 DVD compilations were released containing 12 episodes each. Wake Up, Lachy! and Emma's Bowtiful Day! feature episodes from Series 1, while Anthony's Fruity Feast!, Simon Says! and Fun Fun Fun! contain episodes from Series 2. The first four of these were released together in a box set called Fab Four Faves. All episodes are presented in their original 11-minute versions on these DVDs. The same 5 compilations of episodes are available on iTunes in Australia and the United Kingdom. An exclusive compilation titled "One, Two, Three, Four" featuring 4 episodes from Series 2 is also available, in Australia only. It includes the episodes This Little Piggy, Zamel the Camel, Emma, the Firefighter, and Lachy Can't Sing.

In the United States and Canada, there are 10 volumes of episodes available for purchase on iTunes. Here they are presented in their 22-minute versions, with 5 episodes (10 segments) per volume. Volumes 1-5 consists of Season 1 episodes, while Volumes 6-10 are made up of Season 2 episodes. At a total of 50 episodes (100 segments), the 26th episodes from each season are missing ("What's That Sound? & A Juicy Story" and "I'll Tell Me Ma! & Lachy's Pappadum Party").

Both complete series in the original 11-minute format are currently available for streaming on Netflix in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada, and on Hulu & Netflix in the United States.


  • The trivia questions from The Wiggles' first TV Series are brought back.
  • The community service announcement segments from Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! are brought back.
  • In Series 1, the Wigglehouse living room walls are yellow, the only time in any current generation video or series they are like this. In all its appearances in recent videos and series 2, they've been white.
  • As a running gag, Anthony is called "old" throughout the series, as he is the oldest of the current group. In the episode "Marty Party", The Non-realistic Wiggles jokingly said that he was born in 1923.
  • Series 1 marks the first time a series debuted in America on Universal Kids, and in Canada on Treehouse TV (both networks previously only aired reruns of ended series).
  • Series 2 debuted in New Zealand on 14 July 2014, and in Canada on 15 September 2014, before beginning airing in Australia on 12 January 2015, and in America on 14 August 2017.
  • Unlike The Wiggles' other TV Series, the concert songs were filmed in a theatre and in an outdoor stage instead of an arena, however, Series 3 will have the concert songs from December 2019 in both a theater and an arena.
  • In Series 2, the curtain transition from Wiggle and Learn is reused.
  • Series 3 will be The Wiggles' second TV Series to feature Shirley Shawn the Unicorn, and since it's a current generation series with cartoon sound effects, Shirley Shawn might use cartoon sound effects for the first time.
  • Anthony's children Lucia, Maria, and Antonio make various appearances in both series.
  • Neither series is available in their entirety on iTunes in Australia, though they are available for streaming on Netflix in both Australia and America.
  • In the New Zealand airings and DVD releases, the Let's All Go To The Wiggles Show sequence have slightly different footage that takes place at The S.S Feathersword instead of the exterior of Wigglehouse.
  • In the Dorothy the Dinosaur Interviews segment intro, you can see Dorothy's house from the first season of the Dorothy the Dinosaur TV series, and you can also hear the 1998 version of "D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. (My Favourite Dinosaur)".
  • Series 3 will include Wiggly concert footage from the Party Time Big Show.
  • The songs in Series 1 and 2 came from various videos from Taking Off! to Wiggle House, whereas in Series 3, all the songs will be newly filmed for the series.
  • In Series 1 and 2, the story parts took place in the lounge room and kitchen of Wigglehouse, but in Series 3, the story parts will take place in the backyard of Wigglehouse.
  • It's possible that Series 3 will have a Dorothy telling us what did we do today scene.
  • It's also possible that Series 3 will have Welcome to Wigglehouse prologues before the theme song, but this time in the studio instead of at the Wigglehouse at Dreamworld.
  • In Series 3, the theme song will be re-recorded to add an extra part for Shirley Shawn the Unicorn.
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