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Reem Hanwell (b. August 14, 1981 in Sydney, Australia) is one of the people who worked with The Wiggles. She started her training at the Donna Halloran School of Dance at age 6. She does Irish dancing, jazz, tap, and ballet, so it was a natural transition when the Wiggles added her to the mascot cast. She played Henry the Octopus in the early Wiggles seasons and a Wiggly Dancer. As of 2002, she left the Wiggles cast to pursue university studies.

About Reem Hanwell

Gender: Female

Aged: (16-20) (37 in 2018)

Favorite Color: Dark Orange

Birthday: August 14, 1981

Hobbies: Irish Dancing, Tap Dancing, and Ballet Dancing.


Reem Hanwell's Outfits

  • a feliz navidad dress.
  • a pirate costume.
  • a Irish dress.
  • a black long sleeve shirt, with gray dots on It, and a black skirt.
  • a black tank top, and white pants.
  • a owl elvis costume.