“Return to the Beach”
The Wiggles TV Series 3, Episode 12

October 23, 2003 (USA)

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The 12th episode of TV Series 3.

Although no official title was given to it by The Wiggles, it was called "Return to the Beach" by Playhouse Disney.

A year prior in Australia, This episode aired on ABC1 split into Episode 23 and 24 as part of the 11-minute version.


  1. Balla Balla Bambina
  2. Let's Make Some Rosy Tea
  3. Gulp Gulp
  4. Where's Jeff? (leads into Where's Jeff? game show)
  5. Hot Potato


  • The song Where's Jeff? leads into the segment of the same name, replacing its intro.
  • Four of the songs in this episode were also used in the episode Gardening, but in a different order. Wake Up Jeff! also appeared in that episode, instead of Balla Balla Bambina.
  • During the Where's Jeff? game show, Murray says "Hello, friends" in Spanish, as it stands for "Hola, mis amigos".
  • This episode has two community service announcements. One is dancing and the other one is Eating an apple.
  • This episode combines the 23rd and the 24th 11-minute episode.
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