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"Roland the Remarkable" is a magician and the main antagonist in The Wiggles Movie.  He's Wally the Great's rival. He is played by Dale Burridge.

Wally forgets all about the Magic Competition and is almost late but thanks to Dorothy, makes it. However, Jimbo the Juggler blocks their way and say that Wally should put his vehicle in the full car park but Wally thinks quick and says "You find a spot" and tosses his helmet at him leaving Jimber pinch-faced. He then signs in and runs into Roland who clearly amuses the judges when his score is 9-9-9. After Wally does his magic act, the judges score him 10-9-9. He wins the competition which leaves Roland jealous but at the same time impressed. In the end of the film, he reforms when he gives Wally a high five in the circus tent.