Sailing Around the World
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July 19, 2005 (US)
September 1, 2005 (AUS)



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Sailing Around the World is the 20th Wiggles video. It was released on September 1, 2005 in Australia, and on July 19, 2005 in the US. This video is a compilation of Sailing Around the World segments that appeared on TV Series 4, with their accompanying songs included.

The video's lack of attention on The Wiggles themselves, focusing instead on Captain Feathersword and his crew, was met with some criticism, and is one of the more negatively reviewed Wiggles videos on sites like Amazon. Of course, most Wiggles fans still appreciate it despite its different feel.

Song List

Note: All songs are taken from the album of the same name, except where noted otherwise.

  1. Sydney Barcarolle
  2. Goldfish
  3. Here Come The Chicken (Wiggly Animation)
    (later appeared in Racing to the Rainbow)
  4. London Town
  5. Agapame Tin Athena (We Love Athens)
  6. The Captain's Wavy Walk
  7. Sailing Around The World (Wiggly Animation)
  8. Sicily (I Want To Go)
  9. Mop Mop
  10. Let's Go (We're Riding In The Big Red Car) (Wiggly Animation)
    (from It's a Wiggly Wiggly World!)
  11. Elbow To Elbow
  12. San Francisco Trolley Car
  13. Fly Through The Sky (Wiggly Animation)
    (from Top of the Tots)
  14. Here We Go Mexico City!
  15. The Barrel Polka

Deleted Songs

Special Features

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! Episodes

  1. Episode 25
  1. Episode 43

Release Dates

United States: July 19, 2005

Australia: September 1, 2005

Promo Pictures

  • Captain and his friendly pirate crew
  • The S.S Feathersword
  • The S.S Feathersword
  • The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • The Wiggly Group and Professor Singalottasonga
  • The S.S Feathersword in promo picture #3
  • Captain Feathersword
  • "Around the world we go!"
  • "Sailing Around the World"
  • "Sydney Barcarolle"
  • Goldfish-PromoPicture.jpg "Goldfish"
  • "Hula, Hula, Hula (Nothing Could Be Cooler)"
  • The Wiggles
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew saluting
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew in British hats
  • "London Town"
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew in British hats
  • The Wiggles and a Bobbie
  • Jeff sleeping in England
  • The Wiggles at Big Ben
  • The Wiggles at Buckingham Palace
  • Murray and Jeff
  • "Agapame tin Athena (We Love Athens)"
  • Ben, Cathy and Lucy
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew
  • Elefterios in Greek clothes
  • A picture of The Wiggles in Athens, Greece
  • "Sicily (I Want to Go)"
  • Captain and Alonfso
  • "Mop Mop"
  • Wags and Paul James
  • Wags and Paul James
  • Captain, Wags and Paul James
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew
  • The Friendly Pirate Crew
  • The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • "Elbow to Elbow"
  • The Wiggly Mascots
  • "San Francisco Trolley Cart"
  • Ben and Caterina in Mexican outfits
  • Captain Feathersword in Mariachi clothes
  • "Here We Go Mexico City!"
  • Captain Feathersword and Alfonso
  • "The Barrel Polka"
  • Captain Feathersword
  • Captain Feathersword watching the sunset
  • The Wiggly Dancers
  • Greg dancing
  • Greg
  • Greg, Anthony and Jeff in promo picture
  • The Wiggles in promo picture
  • The Wiggles, CF, PS, Franko and Maria in promo picture
  • The Wiggles in promo picture #2



  • The credits show that Here We Go Mexico City! was written by The Wiggles, John Field, and Dominic Lindsay, although none of them did. Likewise, Sicily (I Want To Go) mistakenly credits Dominic Lindsay.
  • The 2007 DVD from Warner Home Video retains the HIT Entertainment logo at the end. Yummy Yummy is the only other one to share this mistake.
  • The original US DVD back cover estimates the running time as 116 Minutes including bonus features. While this is not a mistake, that run time is carried over on the Warner Home Video re-release in the US, as well as all Australian DVDs without noting the inclusion of bonus features in that estimate, thus making it seem like the video itself is 116 minutes.


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