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"Sam" was the Yellow Wiggle from late 2006 to early 2012. In November 2006, Greg left The Wiggles after being diagnosed with Orthostatic intolerance. Sam, Greg's understudy during times when Greg was feeling unwell, replaced him and was the yellow Wiggle for five years and a few months before Greg re-gained his health and returned to his role as the yellow Wiggle.  In 2012, Sam's contract was not renewed for unknown reasons and thus left the band and was replaced by Greg again. He still continues to work with children's music on his Nick Jr. Australia show, Play Along with Sam.

He played guitar, drums, and keyboards during his time with the group, making him one of the only Wiggles (along with Greg, Emma, and Jeff) to have played all three of the other Wiggles' lead instruments. He also plays the trumpet.


  • He had an off-screen relationship with Lyn Moran.
  • Sam sings opera just like Simon Pryce and Paul Paddick
  • He was an understudy for Greg Page before he was officially a Wiggle having filled in for Greg in 2002 when Greg's mother-in-law died, and in early 2006 when Greg began to experience health issues after a hernia operation in December 2005.
  • During Sam's time as the yellow Wiggle, The Wiggles won Aria Awards for five consecutive years for Best Children's Album.
  • At 6 foot 2 (1.87 m), he is the fourth tallest Wiggle out of all of eight Wiggles that existed. The tallest Wiggle being Greg.
  • Sam was the second tallest Wiggle in the group of four during his time as the Yellow Wiggle. Murray was the tallest Wiggle during the Sam Moran era.
  • He appears on Nick Jr in the Australian version with his own show Play Along with Sam.


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