“Sensational Salsa”
The Wiggles TV Series 11, Episode 24
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April 9, 2020 (AUS)
November 5, 2020 (Canada)

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Dance Spectacular!


Little, Little, Little Lord Fauntleroy

Sensational Salsa is the 24th episode of The Wiggles' World!.


Meet Anthony's Dog Fergus, and we can all Scrubby, Dub Dub and wash our pets. Paul the dancing waiter is serving Chunky Salsa today at Le James Café. It's time to dance the Salsa to this musical dish. Wags the dog plays a trick on Paul and he ends up with homemade apple pie all over his face. Oh Wags! It's time for some bagpipe fun, clap your hand with Anthony. Join the Dancing horses and fish at the wiggly arena.


  1. Scrubby, Dub, Dub (Audio taken from Furry Tales)
  2. Guessing The Secret Dish (Salsa)
  3. Entrez S'il Vous Plait (Salsa)
  4. Cubano Salsa (New recording, audio taken from Party Time!)
  5. James' Dessert Song (Apple Pie)
  6. The Dance Of The Scottish Horses (Live)
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