Shh! Shh! Shh! is the fourth episode of Series 5.


Join Captain Feathersword and his friends playing soccer on the SS Feathersword, and Jeff will introduce us to Tom the cockatoo.


Wiggles Show Intro.

Greg appears and says, "Hello, Here we go, It's The Wiggles Show!"

Anthony wears a life vest, captain's hat and whistle.

Song #1 - Take a Trip Out on the Sea (from It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!)

Greg asks how do you play soccer on a boat? Let's find out with Captain Feathersword.

Captain Feathersword skit: Captain tells his pirate crew they will be playing soccer with the Mascots today. Dapper Dave will be the ref. Captain says the most important thing is that everyone has a wonderful time. He then demonstrates a kick but misses and falls down. Then he has everyone take a turn in kicking the ball.

Everyone kicks the ball.

Captain gets the mascots and now it's time for the game!

Dave tosses a coin.

Wags scores a few goals.

Henry blocks a shot with his many arms.

Wags scores another goal.

Everyone has fun.

Song #2 - Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!

Wags dances.

Song #3 - Move Like an Emu

Wags introduces himself and then dances and so do the other Wiggles.

Jeff introduces the Wiggly concert.

Song #4 - Move Your Arms Like Henry - concert version

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet – Today's letter is D as in Dinosaur and Dance.

Anthony does a Dinosaur Dance where moves his arm like a dinosaur neck, and roars.

The Wiggles dance some more.

Song #5 - Ponies

Murray and Anthony introduce Wiggly Animation.

Song #6 - Uncle Noah's Ark – (Wiggly Animation)

Jeff shows us a cockatoo.

Anthony introduces Caribbean song where you can interchange the phrase Brown Girl with whatever phrase you want, like Blue Wiggle.

Song #7 - Brown Girl In The Ring

Song #8 - Rock-A-Bye Your Bear – concert

Captain and Greg say goodbye.

Clare, Anthony, and Brett say goodbye.

Alternate titles

  • Game of the Year (Playhouse Disney title)