This article is about the Wiggly Mascot. For the song, see here.

Shirley Shawn the Unicorn is a Wiggly Friend from The Wiggles. They are a yellow unicorn with yellow fur, pink and light blue stars all over their body, black eyes, a purple and light pink swirly horn, a purple mane and tail, a red heart-shaped nose, yellow unicorn hooves, yellow mittens and a purple 5-pointed star with a yellow 'S' inside it on their belly.

"Scrumptious" is the only word Shirley Shawn says. They love to eat rainbow coloured veggies and apples.

The way Shirley Shawn works is that the performer inside can see through the heart shaped nose. Plus, on top of their head, there's a vent so the performer can have some breathing space.

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