Simon is the red Wiggle who replaced Murray in 2013. Though he was originally supposed to replace Sam in 2012 and be the new yellow Wiggle, he was later switched to be the new Red Wiggle. 

From 2013-2016, he and Lachy were the two main vocalists of the current generation.  Following Dance Dance!, he began to sing less often and began playing various guitars in the videos and television series, as well as the drums on a few occasions and the tambourine.  He also plays the bass guitar at concerts, where he still does a considerable amount of lead singing compared to the albums and videos. 

Character Information

Unlike Murray, Simon does not play guitar but usually instead lead sings in new Wiggles songs. He sings in a baritone and operatic voice. His favourite game to play is Simon Says.


  • Simon sings opera much like Sam Moran and Paul Paddick. In fact, they all played Professor Singalottasonga.
  • He was an understudy for Murray before he was officially a Wiggle.
  • He loves to sing Opera.
  • His favourite food is Pappadums.
  • He is afraid of cold water.
  • Unlike Emma and Lachy, Simon has never done a television show or released a DVD and album of his own.
  • He drove the Big Red Car in Fly Through The Sky.
  • He is the oldest Wiggle to become a lead member at 41.
  • However, he has technically been a part of the organization since 2002 having been a backup dancer/played Santa Claus/substituted from 2002-2012.
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