Space Dancing! is the eighteenth Wiggles video special. This special was animated in CGI by Plastic Wax using Discreet 3DS Max.


Join Greg, Murray, Jeff and Anthony on a full length animated adventure into space! The Wiggles climb into a spaceship which has landed next to Wiggle House. Captain Feathersword pushes the start button and suddenly the spaceship blasts off into outer space! Visit the planet Rock Star to join King Mondo and do the Eagle Rock! Meet the people of Teeny Weeny land and cheer up the Gloomies by dancing! There's lots of music, dancing and a whole galaxy of fun!


The titles of the video appear and then inside Wiggle House Murray and Anthony try to wake up Jeff who is fast asleep in his chair Greg comes in puzzled and ask them what's going on and they say they're trying wake up Jeff by making him laugh. But then they try everything to wake up Jeff but nothing works. But then they think what they dream about and what does Jeff dream about them the image ripples to reveal them in CGI form. Then they realize that they still do look the same and then Murray asks if they're in a dream anything is possible. Then Anthony and Greg say "Right." Then they decide to use their imagination to go somewhere then they think of space then they wonder if people are in outer space.

Then, The CGI Wiggles come outside and introduce their wiggly friends. Then, they keep wondering what space looks like and then the aliens land their ship on the ground causing them The Wiggles and their friends, and the Wiggle House to jump in the air so high and back down. Then, the aliens go out and keep saying their phrase. Then, Dorothy the Dinosaur eats some roses. Then, the aliens go look for the cows and then one of them hops on Jeff's nose and bonks it and hops out. Then, the other 3 Wiggles ask if they heard anything. Captain Feathersword tickles Wags The Dog but then decided to run off to prevent Captain tickling him again so he chases Wags and The other Wiggles join in the fun and then fall down. Then they laugh but then the alien who was give Jeff a bonk laughs along and then Anthony asks if they heard Captain Feathersword says he did and plots that it was the sound of a duck laughing and he tickles Wags The Dog again. Then, the other Wiggles wake up Jeff by saying 1..2..3 Wake Up Jeff to him causing him to wake up and run around for a second. Then Murray says he thinks there's something strange going on and asks if the viewers if they seen anything unusual. Then the space ship jumps and then when The Wiggles look over to it it freezes. Then The Wiggles have another look around to see if there's something is different and then the 3 aliens say their phrase in English to the cows. Then the alien hits a button on the book causing a robot inside the ship to turn on and wonder out of the ship and The Wiggles are right next to the ship and say huh as they watch the robot come out of the ship and grab the alien and takes him with it. Then The Wiggles ask the viewers "Did you see that?" Then Captain Feathersword comes and sees the ship and asks Greg what it is. Greg looks in his spaceship indenification manual and says it's a spaceship then Jeff so surprised says there's a spaceship at Wiggle House and that he must be dreaming. Then Anthony wonders if they have any space food on board. Captain Feathersword decides to step inside it but then The Wiggles go after him. Then Captain looks at the buttons and presses one of them which then turns off the lights inside the ship and then Captain presses the button causing the lights to come back on again. And he presses it again but then this time chairs appear and Captain presses it again and the chairs upgrade then Jeff says that this great and then hops on one of the chairs but Greg yanks him off it and says that they really shouldn't be in the spaceship but then Captain asks what's the other button for but then he presses it. Then, The Wiggles begin to sing a song, while Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog aboard the ship. But, Henry the Octopus doesn't.

But then Captain hits the 4 button again with his elbow by accident causing the spaceship to take off. With The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy The Dinosaur and Wags The Dog inside it. Henry The Octopus says he doesn't know where they all gone to but then says there's something funny going on and shows the aliens talking to the cows still. Meanwhile on the ship Murray looks at the levers and finds a smooth ride one and pulls it causing the ship to move softly. Then Greg says that it's another fine mess that they got them into to Captain Feathersword and he then apologizes and says he was just having funny and that sometimes he gets carried away. Greg tells him never mind and decides to found out where the ship is taking them. Anthony finds the screen showing their destination and Captain Feathersword pressed the button and the screen talks to them in the aliens language and Captain Feathersword finds a language decoder button on his vest pushes it and then the screen starts talking normal and tells them that they are all heading to the galaxy of Whoosh-ka. Then they ask the screen how they get back to Earth but the screen says return to earth does not compute. Then Captain Feathersword realizes he got them into more trouble and apologizes again but then Greg tells him if they stick together and try really hard they can figure it out, Anthony tells them they just have to make the most of what's in front of them. Jeff agrees and says he recommends he can sleep anywhere. Murray looks out the window and tells the others to look out it and space really is amazing. Then a shooting star flies through the space sky. Inside the ship all 7 of them get pushes up by gravity and then Greg wonders where they are now and then see an alien as traffic cop as the traffic light turns green then they run into an Elvis Presley shaped planet, then a clone of Earth upside down with gray hair, then a spinning globe saying "Welcome to Whoosh-ka A Tiny Star System. Greg says that it's their first stop and to ask someone how to get back to Earth. Captain Feathersword steers the ship and hits smooth landing to land in a planet called Rock Star. Then 3 hippies are getting ready to leave to go in their bus but they see The Wiggles, Dorothy The Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword and Wags The Dog landing and then the spaceship lands on the bus causing it to get squashed. Then they all hop out and Captain Feathersword sees the squashed bus and says "Whoops." Then Anthony finds out it's a rock n roll planet. Then they go take a look, then he asks the viewers to come with them. Then they look at posters that Slim Crusty, Dan Martino, Woozy Hasbourne, and The Silky Smooth Sounds Of Pavaroadie. Then Murray tells them the others let's rock n roll and they run into a dog in a tux named Pasqua then Murray tells her that their visitors from another planet and would like to experience in the planet music that they're currently on. But Pasque refuses and says that this is a sold out show. Then they realize it's a popular singer named King Mondo. Then Jeff says that he'd love to see that. But Pasque says it's impossible. King Mondo comes out and says that the band never turned up because a spaceship landed on their bus. Which then Captain Feathersword plots "Whoops." Dorothy the Dinosaur introduces King Mondo The Wiggles and says they can sing and dance and then King Mondo lets them jam with him. Anthony tells to viewers to come with them and that might need your help. Then, they perform the song in front of audience.

After they finish they ask King Mondo back to Earth. But then, he tells them that it's the blue ball in the sky, then The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog aboard back on the ship and Captain Feathersword asks then of they're ready for take off and says they can get them home. Anthony replies that they don't want to get lost and the others agree and Captain Feathersword says it's sending it's course to earth. But then it turns out they are 12,000,000,000,000 Kilometers from earth. But then, they are landing to a planet named Tiny Winy by the screen and that they almost out of fuel. Anthony asks fuel for what, The screen jokes saying it's fuel with Fruit Salid but then it's just joking and it's fuel and laughs. Then Dorothy says she's a little frightened. Greg comforts her saying that he knows it's a little scary but it is exciting and that they'll make sure everything's okay. Then they land on the planet Tiny Winy, Captain Feathersword suggests that they can stay behind and fix the ship but Murray says it isn't a good idea. Then he lets Wags The Dog fix it. Then The Wiggles, Dorothy The Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword come off and Murray says it looks okay, then Anthony asks if there's any food. Dorothy replies that no rose gardens are there and that looks a little unfriendly. Greg says let's be brave and then asks the viewers to come with them. So Captain Feathersword goes further but then a voice shouts Oy!!! and Captain Feathersword squats down and sees tiny people standing on the ground then the smallest woman says be careful what you do. Then a man in a black fedora hat with green stripe on it and green vest tells Captain to go away then plots I'll put you on your seat and I'll put you in your place. Murray still there with the other Wiggles and Dorothy the Dinosaur asks why is Captain talking to his shoe. Captain tells the small men that he didn't mean any harm and that they're lost and that trying to get back to Earth. Captain tells the others to come meet new friends, then are puzzled, and asks the viewers if they know what Captain is talking about. Then skip happily fast then Captain tells them to be careful where they walk Murray asks why and sees one of the tiny men and picks it up and says hello but the man yells put him down. Greg says how do you do and that they're sorry to intrude but they need to get back to Earth. Then, the tiny people dance and to the song and The Wiggles join along with them.

After the songs over Jeff says that this was so much fun. Murray says it made him forget that their billions of kilometers from earth with a spaceship almost out of fuel. Dorothy asks "What are we going to do?" Greg asks the little people if they can help fuel the ship but the gas pump is hardly enough and too small to put fuel in the ship. Then an old small lady comes out and explains to The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Captain Feathersword that there's a planet with creatures that used to sing and dance but got so sad and gloomy because they are lonely. Wags The Dog comes out and Captain Feathersword says he must've fixed the ship. Then they aboard back to the ship and the screen counts down from ten but then stops on two but then Captain Feathersword is puzzled why it stopped but then screen jokes saying just kidding and says one and they takeoff. Then Captain Feathersword puts his feathersword inside a cup holder and then Greg gives them directions but then the ship slips and misses another right turn. Anthony looks out the window and says he don't like the look of this because they are very close to Gloomy World. Then a sound appears and Dorothy the Dinosaur scared asks what was that sound and Anthony it must have come from the ground and he scared then The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog decide to investigate and leaves Captain Feathersword of steering straight. Then Captain Feathersword sees them (but they are the gloomies in disguise wearing the wrong skivvies and trousers) Captain Feathersword sees them and says that it was quick and ask them any problem. And then they each say "No problem." Then the gloomy that is Murray in Jeff's skivvy and trousers tells Captain Feathersword that Greg says turn right. Captain Feathersword says that Greg told him to stay straight. Then gloomy Murray in Jeff's skivvy and trousers then says "Greg now says right." Then the gloomy Greg in Anthony's skivvy and trousers says "Listen to Greg." Then Captain Feathersword realizes that something is fishy and that he concentrates on his left and rights. Then the gloomy Jeff in Murray's skivvy and trousers says "Anthony says do it." While the gloomy in Anthony in Greg's skivvy and trousers takes a nap on one of the chairs. Then the real Murray, Greg and Anthony come out and wonders what's going on, Captain Feathersword looks at the Gloomy Greg and the Actual Greg and then says somebody told him to. Then the fuel is almost empty in the ship and the Gloomies in The Wiggles disguises spin around and transform back into themselves and then Dorothy the Dinosaur, The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog hop off and one of the Gloomies welcomes them to Gloomy World and that they never welcome anybody. Anthony sees a bunch of other old spaceships and asks the gloomies why they got there. Which another Gloomy says they came to visit them. Greg says they didn't come to visit them by choice and that they must of made them come like The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog. Dorothy asks them why are they sad and asks them if they love to laugh, dance and sing. Then, one of them says no but yes but they can't remember how. Anthony tried to make them laugh but dancing silly but it doesn't work. Murray suggests to do it all together and tells the viewers that they can help to. The gloomies ask who are they talking to which Murray than replies that it's their friends (which is the viewers.) And that they have lots of adventures together and that will cheer you up. But the gloomies are doubtful that it would work. But, Murray says it might work. Then he tells the viewers what to do and the sing a song.

But, that didn't work either all though they applaud. Then they are still sad bit then they try to tell jokes but neither does that work. Meanwhile back at Wiggle House Henry The Octopus is saying they still don't know where The Wiggles, Dorothy The Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword and Wags The Dog have gone and still show us the aliens talking to the cows. Then The Wiggles, Dorothy The Dinosaur, Wags The Dog and Captain Feathersword still in Gloomy World. Then, Anthony is worried they'll never make it home which then Captain Feathersword says it was all his fault and he wanted to have fun. Murray suggests that a funny dance could work. Captain Feathersword says that the dance is what caused this mess. But Greg suggests one more could get through this. Captain Feathersword says that they're his friends and tells the viewers to dance to. Captain Feathersword then jumps up and dances causing the gloomies to giggle. Then the gloomy place turns into a daylight place and then the sun with a happy face comes up in the sky and Greg says, "See? No gloom around here. It worked! It really worked!" The gloomies now happy thank The Wiggles and apologize that they tricked them into coming Gloomy World. Murray says with more people laughing, singing and dancing they won't get lonely again. Then, the gloomies say that The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog might be stuck with them because they have no fuel, Wags the Dog comes up with an idea to get the fuel from the old ships and put them inside their ship and they got ready to go they say see you gloomies.

After the song is over they landed back home. Henry the Octopus surprised to see them back tells them to take a look and the aliens had put laes on the cow's necks and they speak their language and then moo. Then the aliens and the cows go to the ship and The Wiggles, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus wave goodbye to them as they take off. Then, the dream is over and now we come back to the live action Wiggles, Jeff shakes awake and then sees Anthony, Murray and Greg asleep on the sofa. Then, Captain Feathersword walks in and says hey put and have an adventure. Murray says "I think I just did." Then, Captain Feathersword tells them come on or he'll tickle them all with his feathersword. But then, he realizes he left on the spaceship and as they drop out of their ship to earth the ground shakes and then he says, "Imagine that." Leaving The Wiggles shocked.



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  • Jeff Fatt as Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus



Main articles: Eagle Rock! (single) and Wiggle Bay (album)

This video did not have an album companion of its own, but all 6 songs were included at the end of the Wiggle Bay album and all songs except Fergus' Jig were included in the Eagle Rock single CD.



  • During Eagle Rock, Murray does not have a guitar strap on him.
  • The trousers on The Animated CGI Wiggles have no coloured pockets but do have thin coloured trimmings going down the leg side.
  • When Greg reaches for his magic equipment, the mic transmitter can be seen behind his pants.
  • Throughout the video Henry's mouth is purple.
  • After Murray says "Captain, what have you done?", someone else speaking is briefly heard after he says it.