“Stinky Cheese Day!”
The Wiggles TV Series 11, Episode 7

March 23, 2020 (AUS)
October 13, 2020 (Canada)

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Stinky Cheese Day! is the seventh episode of The Wiggles' World!.


Join Simon and The Wiggles live at the Wiggly Arena for a game of Simon Says. Then it is off to Le James Cafe- but what's that strong smell? It's stinky cheese day at the cafe. Pong appetite! Lachy and Wags love their cheese snack so much that they break into dance and sing about cheese. Wags the Dog plays a trick on Paul and he ends up with Vanilla slice all over his face. Robert Rakete our New Zealand friend along with a Kapa Haha Group, Join Emma and Simon with Have a Good Day (Kia Pai to Ra).


  1. Hornpipe (Banjo instrumental)
  2. Emma's Brief Ballet (Instrumental)
  3. Simon Says (Live)
  4. Guessing the Secret Dish (Stinky Cheese)
  5. Paul the Waiter's Song (Stinky Cheese)
  6. Stinky Cheese
  7. James' Dessert Song (Vanilla Slices)
  8. Have a Good Day (Kia Pai to Rā) (feat.Robert Rakete) (New recording)
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