“Swish, Swish, Swish”
The Wiggles TV Series 5, Episode 23

May 19, 2008 (USA)

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"Swish, Swish, Swish" is the 23rd episode of the 22-minute version of TV Series 5.

7 months prior in Australia, this episode aired on ABC1 split into Episode 45 and 46 as part of the 11-minute version.


It's the Wiggles Show! Greg and Jeff welcome everyone.

Murray introduces the first song.

Jeff introduces a chick. Chicks are cute and you can have them as a pet!

Wigglehouse - It's time for Greg's magic trick show! Anthony arrives and Greg says he'll be doing the "rabbit out of the hat" trick. Anthony wonders where the rabbit comes from. Greg remarks that rabbits come from a burrow, but Anthony doesn't know what a burrow is actually. Greg tries to show off Carla, the rabbit that'll pop out of the hat, with her brothers, Dominic and Joseph. Greg starts to say the magic words now, but Anthony asks what colour is Carla. Then, he asks if she likes to eat carrots. Of course, she's a rabbit. Greg leaves the trick and then Carla pops out of the hat. She asks if she can have Anthony's carrot, but then her two brothers appear.

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet - Anthony introduces the letter V. V is for vegetables and to demonstrate the dance, here's Alfonso. He just holds vegetables and dances. Same as the apple dance.

Jeff invites everyone to the Wiggly concert.

Captain waves hello.

Murray and Jeff introduce a pirate song!

Captain Feathersword and his crew introduce their pirate items starting with his friendly pirate ship.

Elefterios talks about his Pirate Bouzuki.

Alfonso tells us about his Torta de Pirati.

Captain talks about Pirate Sailing.

Ben talks about his Pirate Toothbrush.

Lyn shows us a Pirate Boot-Scoot dance.

Caterina and Lucia talk about Pirate Exercises.

Aido is upside-down and standing on his Pirate Hands.

Gallant George poses and shows his Pirate Muscles.

Dapper Dave talks about Jolly Pirate Tea.

Clarkey B Cool talks about his "Cool Pirate Hairstyle".

Captain says, "A bing-bang-bong, a ring-rang-rong. That's a pirate song!".

Dorothy greets everyone.

Jeff and Greg introduce Wiggly Animation.

Little Wiggles - An energetic Little Jeff emerges from bed and walks straight to the kitchen. Then, he calls the other Wiggles. He sees that the other Wiggles didn't sleep much. Greg read a whole book, Anthony read his favourite recipe and Murray watched a cricket match. Jeff sees that the other Wiggles have their faces dirty.

Jeff introduces some lambs while feeding them.

Greg laughs.

Caterina, Murray and Clare say goodbye.

Song List

  1. Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?)
  2. We're Dancing With Wags The Dog (concert)
  3. Wake Up Jeff!
  4. Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song)
  5. Vegetable Soup (Wiggly Animation)
  6. Sorry Again
  7. Ponies

Alternate Titles

  • Farmer Brown (Playhouse Disney title)


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