"Take a Trip Out on the Sea" is a Wiggles song from Wake Up Jeff! and It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!. It was also sung as a lullaby in Go To Sleep Jeff!.


Song Lyrics

Won't you come along with me
We'll take a trip out on the sea
Put on our safety vests and then
Wave to all our boating friends

Row the boat out with your oar
See the seagulls how they soar
This is such a lovely day
For floating on the ocean waves

Oh, the sea's getting rough
I think we might have had enough
Row the boat back to the shore
Tomorrow, we will row once more

Song Credits

M Cook/J Fatt/A Field/G Page (EMI)


  • In Go to Sleep Jeff!, the lyrics "Oh, the sea's getting rough" is changed to "Oh, the weather's getting rough".
  • The lullaby instrumental version of this song is played on the How Wags Almost Missed The Show and Murray and his Marvellous Guitar electronic storybooks.
  • The 1996 and 2006 versions play in D where as the 2003 version plays in C.
  • Jeff Fatt is uncredited for playing the keyboards in the "Go To Sleep Jeff!" album version.


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