"Teamwork in Wiggle Town" is the third episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


The Wiggles are going on a picnic on the SS Feathersword, but before they set sail, they need to make a flag to go on the mast.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Lachy and Bok talk about going to the circus, until Bok his interest to try out juggling. Lachy then introduces Bok to Jeff, a juggler. Following a brief performance, Bok has a go from Jeff (while noting to ask with his manners at the same time). Unfortunately, due to how large the balls are, Bok is unable to juggle all the balls together. Hence, Bok suggests that he, Lachy and Jeff team up to juggle one ball each to create a juggling effect, which works out.

Wiggle Town

The Wiggles are busy preparing for their picnic on the SS Feathersword, outside of Wigglehouse. Once they get finished and are ready to head over, Anthony's has a high temptation for the sandwiches packed, which leads Simon to try to stop him and ask him to wait until the actual picnic to start eating. Just then, Captain Feathersword calls out for The Wiggles and their friends through his megaphone, prompting them to head over to the SS Feathersword for the picnic. Just as the Captain checks on his pirate ship, the rest gather to lay out for the picnic arrangements.

Just as Anthony thinks that it is time to start the picnic, Emma advises Anthony on washing his hands before eating. After Captain Feathersword notices everyone having gathered on board, he greets them all and before setting sail, he asks everyone to team up in pairs to make a flag for the mast together. As Emma gathers the supplies, the Wiggles and their friends form pairs to get each task done. (to which Anthony mistakes for pears). Lachy and Dorothy cuts the four-coloured squares to make a flag, Emma and Henry sows the squares together, Wags and Shirley Shawn will draw the images for the flag, Simon gathers some rope to tie the flag to the mast, Captain Feathersword will supervise on the process and Anthony will look after the food with Officer Beaples keeping an eye out for him.

As the flag finally gets completed, Anthony gets everyone else to form a line to pass the flag to the Captain, while secretly eating up all the sandwiches and pears behind their backs. As the flag finally gets tied up, everyone is ready to start the picnic, except that Anthony embarrassingly owns himself up for eating the food.

Song: Wiggle Bay


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