"The Foods We Love To Eat" is the thirteenth and final episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


The Wiggles have been so busy that they have forgotten to eat! They each have a healthy snack and then decide to check on their wiggly friends to see if they might be hungry too.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Bok asks Simon if he knows anything about fish, especially the goldfish they have next to them, but Simon unfortunately doesn't know much about fish. Thankfully, Elisabetta knows all about them and Bok finds out more about the goldfish - Red and Ginger. Bok then volunteers to feed the goldfish, and after thanking Elisabetta, reminds Simon on some of the things he had learnt about taking care of fish.

Song - Swim Like A Fish

Wiggle Town

Anthony welcomes the viewer as he tells how he has been practicing on his bagpipe for hours that he has forgotten to eat, resulting in his tummy making funny noises. He then proceeds to eat his fruit salad to not feel hungry anymore. Emma comes out of Wigglehouse, facing the same problem as Anthony, after having practiced ballet for hours. She then proceeds to have her avocado on toast to not feel hungry anymore. Simon faces the same problem after hours of opera singing practice and proceeds to have his steamed broccoli. The same goes for Lachy who has slept for hours and his tummy noises instead have seemed to wake him up. He then proceeds to have homemade flatbread with baba ganoush to stop those noises. After The Wiggles have eaten their snacks, they then decide to check on their friends to see if they are hungry and need any food to eat. Anthony specially packs some roses for Dorothy, a bone for Wags, some seaweed for Henry, an apple for Shirley Shawn and ratatouille for Captain Feathersword.

First, they meet up with Dorothy in her rosy garden, who has been so busy working on her roses that she has not eaten for hours. Hearing the funny noises her tummy makes, Anthony hands over the roses for Dorothy to eat. Just as The Wiggles notice Captain Feathersword, Wags, Henry and Shirley Shawn cleaning the dock, The Wiggles quickly head over to meet up with them.

As The Wiggles come onboard, they understand the situation further and realize how hard everyone has been working that to the point that they have also not eaten in hours. With Captain believing that there should be no food until the work gets done, Emma reminds the Captain that it is important to look after one another and make sure that they have had enough to eat. Thinking it further, the Captain apologizes everyone for the workload and learns a valuable lesson on the importance of eating. Anthony then proceeds to give everyone onboard their favorite foods for them to enjoy.


  1. Swim Like A Fish


  • This episode marked:
    • The last episode to feature Emma as the yellow Wiggle.
    • This is the second episode to be the last one for a yellow Wiggle after The Wiggle Medley which was the last episode for Greg.
  • This episode debuted on ABC iView the day The Transportation Parade aired on ABC Kids.
  • This episode aired on ABC Kids the day Clare Field celebrated her 32nd birthday.
  • The song and Wiggle Town segments are being switched in order for this episode.