“The Instruments We Love to Play”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 3, Episode 9

June 10, 2021 (AUS)

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"The Instruments We Love to Play" is the 9th episode of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


It's Musical Instrument Day in Wiggle Town and each of The Wiggles have a different instrument and decide to play them all together.


Bok the Hand Puppet

Emma gives an already excited Bok a special friend to meet - Victor, who sings a Mexican folk song to him as a special request on the harp, with Anthony accompanying him on the mandolin.

Wiggle Town

Today is a special musical instrument day in Wiggle Town, and The Wiggles each have their favourite instruments to play for the day, with Anthony and his tenor banjo, Lachy and his keytar, Emma and her drum and Simon and his cowbell. Anthony suggest the other Wiggles to play their instruments together to see how they would sound like, leading into a brief instrumental piece of "Rock-A-Bye Your Bear". (which would later be played into other instances throughout the rest of the storyline) Then, Lachy suggests that they visit their other friends to see what instruments they would like to play, starting with Dorothy. Prior to that, they seek Officer Beaples to cross the road safely to meet Dorothy. After the musical advice, The Wiggles all cross the road two by two (starting with Anthony and Lachy) to Dorothy's rose garden.

Upon meeting up with The Wiggles , Dorothy shares with The Wiggles her favourite instrument, the tambourine. Following that, they head on to meet Wags, once again crossing the road with assistance from Officer Beaples. Meeting up with Wags, they find out his favourite instrument, his dog bones (which make a clicking sound.) Further on, they meet up with Henry and Shirely Shawn and find out their favourite instruments - the glockenspiel and the triangle respectively.

As Captain Feathersword greets The Wiggles and their friends, they all head up to his pirate ship dock. Upon asking what his favourite instrument is, Anthony recalls how the Captain used to enjoy playing the Neanderthal flute, but the Captain does not have it with him, but still replies how he enjoys all sorts of musical instruments and how he can imitate them. With everyone ready with their instruments, The Wiggles and the friends join in for a musical jam. (to which Captain mistakes for jam as a food)

Song - Hot Potato


  1. La Cucaracha
  2. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear (Brief Instrumental Sting)
  3. Look Both Ways (Short version)
  4. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear (Brief Instrumental Sting)
  5. Hot Potato