“The King of Swing”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 4

December 9, 2008 (USA)

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Bailar y Cantar

"The King of Swing" is the 4th episode of the 22-minute version of Wiggle and Learn


  1. Getting Strong! (Taken from: Getting Strong!)
  2. The Turkey In The Straw (Taken from: Sing a Song of Wiggles)
  3. Two Fine Gentlemen (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  4. Get Ready To Wiggle (in segment, performed by Dorothy)
  5. Murray Had A Turtle (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  6. English Country Garden (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)
  7. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (Taken from: Pop Go The Wiggles!)

Official Description

It's time to get fit with The Wiggles as they run, jump and skip with Captain Feathersword, Henry, Dorothy, Wags and their friends. Troy Cassar-Daley, one of Australia's most talented country singers lends his guitar and voice to help The Wiggles sing The Turkey In The Straw. Watch as Wags learns the real way to rock 'n' roll with Dorothy the Dinosaur. Murray gets a very special turtle that looks a lot like everyone's favourite captain. Join Captain and Dorothy in an English Country Garden as they sing and dance amongst beautiful flowers and insects. Out comes the stars as the ballerinas and The Wiggles sing everyone's favourite lullaby Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. It's time for singing and dancing, it's time to Wiggle and Learn!

Alternate Titles