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Try Musical Landscape, the 2nd episode of the 22-minute version of this series.
“The Shimmie Shake (episode)”
The Wiggles TV Series 6, Episode 2

May 13th, 2008

Approx. Running Time


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We Feel Like Dancing


Let's Get the Rhythm

The Shimmie Shake is the 2nd 11-minute Wiggle and Learn episode.


  1. Old Dan Tucker
  2. The Shimmie Shake!
  3. Pop Goes The Weasel (Sam)


Murray introduces Troy Cassar-Daley, a guitarist and singer. He will help sing the next song.

Troy and Captain Feathersword alternate verses while Anthony is dressed as Old Dan Tucker.

A talk show host is on an old fashioned television. After announcing who else is coming up on his show, he introduces the Wiggles!

The Wiggles are dressed up like the Beatles and does a 1960s styIed video, complete with go-go dancers.

Three Charros

Anthony introduces three charros guitarists: Mario, Captain Feathersword, and Ben. The first one (Mario) goes, "Ai-Yi-Yi!" The second one (Captain) goes, "Ai-Yi-Yi!" The third one (Ben) does the same. This repeats for another round. But on the third time through, Captain goes "Ahoy-hoy-There!" Huh? Anthony tells him "Ai-Yi-Yi!" but Captain keeps saying "Ahoy-hoy there!" After a couple of repeats, Anthony thinks something's funny, wondering who the second charro really is. He hears from the audience that it's actually Captain Feathersword. Anthony asks again while Captain motions them not to tell, and Anthony says he will check.

Let's look at their outfits:

The first one is wearing silver buttons. The second one has pirate buttons. Hmm.

The first one has a lovely guitar. The second one has a feather sword guitar.

The third one doesn't have an eye patch. The second one has a pirate eye patch.

Anthony points to Captain and says "I think you're Captain Feathersword." Captain replies, "Oh no I'm not," but Anthony replies, "Oh yes you are" They repeat the exchange a bunch of times, but the evidence is irrefutable. The second charro gives up and confesses he is indeed the captain. Anthony tells the audience well done.

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