“The Transportation Parade (episode)”
Ready, Steady, Wiggle! TV Series 3, Episode 1

June 2, 2021 (AUS)

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"The Transportation Parade" is the series premiere of Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 3.


It's 'The Transportation Parade' in Wiggle Town! All The Wiggles and their friends will be driving in the parade for this fun-filled event


Bok the Hand Puppet

Simon and Bok plays with wooden blocks with Elisabetta and builds a train station together. Bok arranges the train station together with Simon, while Elisabetta adds on other blocks to the train. When the train is all set, Bok decides to have a go, accidentally knocking down the train station.

Wiggle Town

On Captain Feathersword's ship dock, Captain Feathersword, after spent many years of sailing around the world and receiving many treasures along the way, plans to give each of The Wiggles one of his treasures as a special gift to show how much he cares for them as a good friend. He then digs out from his treasure chest for the gifts, and finds a yellow bow to give to Emma. Following that, he uses his megaphone to tell Emma to pick up the tin-can telephone and afterwards, calling her to head to his ship to collect her gift. Emma then uses her Bow Mobile to drive over to the dock and receives her gift.

Afterwards, the Captain finds some hair rollers and decides to give them to Lachy. Once again, he uses the megaphone to call for Lachy to pick up the tin-can telephone and afterwards, calling him to head to his ship to collect the gift. This time, Lachy uses his purple motorscooter to get there.

The Captain now has two more gifts left to give to - Simon and Anthony. From there, he finds a microphone for Simon. For Anthony, he initially stumbles upon a pair of blue shoes, before finding a blue music suit to make it as Anthony's gift. The same calling process occurs again for the two, with the two getting on the ship via the Big Red Car, with Simon on the wheel.

After all of The Wiggles have received their gifts, they thank the Captain for his loyal friendship to them.

Song - The Transportation Parade


  1. The Transportation Parade


  • This marks the first return (as well as its first TV series appearance) of the original Big Red Car from 1995.
  • This episode aired the day Lullabies with Love was released on digital.
  • This is the first episode within Ready Steady Wiggle Series 3 where the song segment connects with the Wiggle Town segment plotline.