The Wiggle Puppets are puppets modelled after The Wiggles characters. They have high pitched voices modelled after Alvin and the Chipmunks. They first appeared in Toot Toot! They also appeared in The Wiggles 1998 TV Series. The puppets were created in 1998 when they did a music video of Wigglemix, which was a track from The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack. Their biggest appearance was during The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video. Additionally, There was also a puppet of Captain Feathersword.


Negative feedback

Due to how they look, sing and move their bodies, many kids and even adults, have found them scary, resulting in a lot of negative feedback. In response to the feedback, it was stated that The Wiggles like to try new things, but sincerely apologized for scaring everyone. This was caused by the inclusion of Wigglemix on the American version of Yummy Yummy, which has since circulated online as the "creepiest 4 minutes of children's TV".


  • There were puppet versions of the non-human characters as well (Dorothy, Wags and Henry) that weren't as scary and had their voices at normal tone.
  • The Wags puppet reappeared in The Emma! & Lachy! Show and Nursery Rhymes 2 in 2018.
  • The Jeff puppet was on display at the Powerhouse Museum, but was removed in 2017.
  • On May 28, 2020, Greg informed us via Twitter that his puppet has disintegrated. This is most likely due to it being made of latex, which does not hold up well over long periods of time.[1]
  • Apart from the Jeff, Wags and Greg puppets, the current whereabouts of the puppets are unknown.
  • Puppet Murray was the only puppet to not have a speaking role.
  • They also appear in the Toot Toot Show!, it's currently unknown how they appear in this show.
  • Puppet Jeff made a return in two bumpers for The Wiggles Channel.