"The Wiggles' Big Ballet Day!" is a Wiggles album released on February 22, 2019, produced as a co-production with The Australian Ballet.


  1. Hello, We're The Wiggles - 1:28
  2. Dance with Emma Ballerina - 1:24
  3. Oh, What Shall We Wear to the Ballet Today? - 1:24
  4. The Alphabet Ballet - 3:02
  5. Shirley Shawn the Unicorn - 1:08
  6. Stand Up, Clap, Sit Down - 1:34
  7. Let's Put the Pop in the Popcorn! - 0:59
  8. My Ballet Goat - 1:28
  9. The Magpie Song - 1:25
  10. I Am A Dancer - 1:21
  11. The Music of the Ballet Orchestra - 3:11
  12. Hello to the Resting Cows - 1:27
  13. The Toilet Song - 2:19
  14. Brisé in the Breeze - 1:53
  15. Dorothy Pas De Deux - 1:50
  16. Captain Byng with a Y - 1:32
  17. Picking All the Flowers - 1:14
  18. The Pirouette - 1:29
  19. Wags is Dancing in the Moonlight - 1:46
  20. Stop at the Lights - 1:44
  21. The Fairy King and Queen from Narrabeen - 1:30
  22. Theatre Fun - 1:38
  23. Lachy's Lullaby - 1:34
  24. The Garden Ballet - 1:23
  25. La Paloma - 1:58
  26. Goodbye from the Ballet Today - 1:45


  • This is the first album released in 2019.
  • This is the first album to feature Shirley Shawn the Unicorn, as well as her self-titled song.
  • Hello, We're The Wiggles makes its return in this album with revised lyrics for the new Wiggles.
  • La Paloma returns after its appearance in Ukulele Baby!, and Dorothy Pas De Deux makes a return after the release of Wiggle Town!
  • Look Both Ways has been renamed to "Stop at the Lights".
  • Dance with Emma Ballerina makes its debut on a Wiggles album, after its appearance on the duo album The Emma! & Lachy! Show.
  • The Toilet Song premiered in an animated video on Wiggles Week from Super Simple Songs on January 17th, 2019. A single of that song was also released on digital platforms.
  • In addition to The Toilet Song, two other tracks, The Alphabet Ballet and My Ballet Goat, were available for purchase ahead of the rest of the album under its pre-order page on services like iTunes and Amazon Music. For streaming on platforms like Spotify and YouTube, they were presented as singles.
  • The album cover shows The Wiggles with cartoon bodies but with their real heads pasted on.
  • The North American CD cover has the track list mostly shuffled around. The CD itself, however, matches the track order of the Australian CD and digital versions such as on Apple and Google services. 
  • This is the first Wiggles album to have the new ABC Music Logo.


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